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DOP Chapter 259 – The Calm Before the Storm (2)

Chapter 259 – The Calm Before the Storm (2)
Translated by: Andy

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Furrowing his brows, Yun Zhao tried to move his arms. However, he couldn’t. His arms had become numb. He realized that his nerves had been damaged.

Looking down, he noticed a small button rapidly spinning on the ground.

Yun Zhao looked around and a serious look appeared on his face. An Expert. It was an expert who attacked him. His nerves were damaged before he even realized anything was wrong.

He exerted his strength and reached out to pick up the still spinning button. He carefully examined the button and then looked towards the stage once again.

On the other side, after Fei Cheng Lie finally retrieved the jade box. He quickly retreated backwards and yelled, “Protect the his highness the crowned prince!”

At that moment, the fourth hall’s hall master rushed forward.

Hearing Fei Cheng Lie’s command, the guard from West Cliff who was stationed outside knocked down the door and immediately entered the room. Seeing the situation, he quickly flew towards the white clothed man.

The two fought ferociously.

Their blades struck with murderous intent and blood spurted out in all directions.

The entire hall was filled with a murderous aura.

Liu Yue took a glance at the sixth and seventh hall master who were fighting another white clothed man and her eyes shone with intent to kill. However, she didn’t make any moves.

Instead she retreated. She grabbed Chen Fei and retreated towards Cheng Fei Lie.

After seeing that the elites from West Cliff had surrounded the whole area, the merchants who still had ill intents quickly abandoned their thoughts of stealing the flower. They all turned around and exited the hall.

On the other hand, seeing that their ambush had failed, all of the white clothed men scattered and escaped. They were very organized.

The people from West Cliff would never let them escape after causing such a scene. The quickly gathered together and started their pursuit.

In an instant, the white clothed men and the people from West Cliff all disappeared from the hall.

The ambushers. They came quickly and they left quickly.

If it weren’t for the mess all over the place and the blood stains all around, no one would believe that such a scene had occurred in just a few minutes.

In just a few breath of time, the hall was completely empty asides from Liu Yue, Chen Fei and a few others. There were two corpses on the floor as well.

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