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DOP Chapter 258 – The Calm Before the Storm (1)

Chapter 258 The calm before the storm (1)
Translated by: Andy

Will have another chapter or two in around 12 hours?

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Like a gust of wind she flew towards Fei Cheng Lie and scratched his neck with her nails.

She had done it so fast that no one had noticed anything. Not even Fei Cheng Lie himself felt the attack.

It was done perfectly.

Retracting her hand, she landed softly on the ground.

Seeing Liu Yue land on the ground, Fei Cheng Lie didn’t pay any mind to her and went straight for the box.

A cold smile appeared on Liu Yue’s face as she looked over at Xuan Yuan Che who was still on the stage.

Even without her saying anything, Xuan Yuan Che understood Liu Yue’s hidden message. His face remained calm and he slowly moved away from the stage.

Behind Liu Yue, a few people had already started running towards the box to try and steal the Buddha Flower. If she didn’t act now, then when would she do so?

Yun Zhao on the other hand was being attacked by the cloth men and surprisingly, he was able to dodge their attacks. To the observers, it looked as if he accidentally fell on the ground and dodged the attacks. But from what Liu Yue could see, everything was calculated. The timing, the position and the fall, the whole act was perfectly executed.

Yun Zhao drops the box in front of him and he frantically moved forward to retrieve the box.

Taking the whole flower with so many people looking was basically impossible. However, plucking a piece or two of the petals were not as hard.d

That was precisely what Yun Zhao wanted to do.

He was the closest to the box and had almost gotten his hands on it.

And when he did, an arm appeared above Yun Zhao with a sword and ferociously chopped down. This cause Yun Zhao’s eyes to flash with fear.

Fei Cheng Lie took this chance and came up from behind to try and snatch the box.

“Bang.” Yun Zhao dodged but hit the deck hard. The box flew into the air once again.

Yun Zhao watched as the box traveled in the air. He didn’t want anyone else to have the box either.

Suddenly he felt something hit him and he quickly turned around and looked towards the stage. There was no one there.

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