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DOP Chapter 254 – Exposing the Criminal (9)

Chapter 254 – Exposing the Criminal (9)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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Verify its authenticity? How will he verify it?

No one has ever seen the real Buddha Flower. It’s only recorded in history books. Everyone turned at looked at Chen Fei with a confused look.

“Why?” Xuan Yuan Che looked a Chen Fei.

Chen Fei stared back right into his eyes and said, “If it’s real, they I’ll immediately bring the Vulture Rudra Fruit over.

After hearing this, everyone turned silent. They had forgotten. He was the crowned prince of the Hou Jin Empire. How could the palace not have a Vulture Rudra Fruit.

Xuan Yuan Che looked calm like usual and immediately said, “Okay.”

Chen Fei immediately ordered a middle age man to come over and ordered him to do something.

He took something out from his sleeve and gave it to him. Liu Yue didn’t see what was handed over and only heard what he said, “I need him to come personally.”

The middle age man nodded and left immediately.

Liu Yue was confused, him? Who’s this him?”

If she’s not wrong, then this person must be Fei Chen Lie.

Lightly tapping her fingers on the table, Liu Yue looked at Xuan Yuan Che.

His face was expressionless. It was very calm. She couldn’t see through him at all.

Seeing that nothing was going on, Liu Yue just sat there and waited. Xuan Yuan Che definitely won’t beat around the bush. If he does something, he’ll do it straight and see it finish.

Other than martial arts, Fei Cheng Lie is actually very insightful in medicines. Within the whole Hou Jin Empire, other than Fei Cheng Lie, no one else can dare confirm the authenticity of the Buddha Flower. Liu Yue doesn’t know this, but Xuan Yuan Che does.

“Close the doors.” Chen Fei commanded the middle aged man as walked out.

Everyone in the room looked around but didn’t say anything. This was to prevent them from going out and spreading the news of the Buddha Flower.

Time passed very slowly and the room was very empty.

There were only heavy breathing sounds within the room.

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