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DOP Chapter 253 – Exposing the Criminal (8)

Chapter 253 – Exposing the Criminal (8)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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“Right. What do you want for it? We need some time to get whatever you want.” Another voice called out.

Something as priceless as this. If he wants to trade, then they’d need time to prepare the items for a trade. After all, they had only brought money.

Standing on the stage, Xuan Yuan Che looked at the people who spoke and said, “Getting the Buddha Flower wasn’t easy. I want to trade it for a Vulture Rudra Fruit.”

Those words caused some of the people below the stage to gasp and some to raise their brows.

The Vulture Rudra Fruit is also very precious. The Buddha Flower can bring people back from death’s grasp, while the Vulture Rudra Fruit can regrow any body part.

One cures the internal, one cures the external.

The Buddha Flower can help replenish life, but it can’t cure broken limbs and meridians.

“It’s said that the Buddha Flower grows in a very high place and is guarded by a garuda. It seems like the people who picked the flower met with some accident.” Yun Zhao whispered.

“Brother. This deal is very fair.” However I don’t have the Vulture Rudra Fruit right now. Twenty days…. No. Give me fifteen days. Give me fifteen days and I’ll have the Vulture Rudra Fruit for you!

A blue clothed man stood up, staring at Xuan Yuan Che

The Vulture Rudra Fruit is very precious, but exchanging it for the Buddha Flower, it is very worth it.

“Brother, Ten days. Give me ten days for it.”

The man next to the blue clothed man also stood up, looked at Xuan Yuan Che with a serious face and said, “I’ll definitely get you the Vulture Rudra Fruit within ten days. Also, I’ll be responsible for your safety in these ten days.

Only those two people spoke up. The other people thought about it, but didn’t say anything.

Vulture Rudra Fruit. They all have it. However, their homes were too far away. Even if the Emperor sent someone out, they won’t be able to return with it within ten days.

Xuan Yuan Che looked at the people then said, “Then……”

“I need to verify its authenticity.” Before Xuan Yuan Che could finish speaking, Chen Fei who was staring at the flower suddenly spoke up.

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