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DOP Chapter 252 – Exposing the Criminal (7)

Chapter 252 – Exposing the Criminal (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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“Buddha Flower. The Buddha Flower!” Chen Fei who was reclining on his chair suddenly leaned forward and stared at the item. His hand clenched into a fist and his face was filled with excitment.

“Buddha Flower. It’s actually the Buddha Flower.” Yun Zhao stopped fanning himself and looked very surprised.

“What is it?” Liu Yue elbowed Yun Zhao.

Yun Zhao came back to his senses and the amazed look in his eye quickly disappeared.

He whispered, “The Buddha Flower is a legendary treasure amongst medicines. If you weren’t sick, it could increase your lifespan by sixty years. It could eradicate any sickness. A martial artist who takes this medicine could increase their skills by thirty years of training. If someone who was poisoned ate this, then they would be cured. It is also said that it could revive people!”

Hearing this, Liu Yue raised her brows. Isn’t this too much?

“Of course, you can’t believe the legends completely. The Buddha Flower is something is rarely seen. You’re lucky if you can see one every ten thousand years. It buds every hundred years. It takes a thousand years for it to have three colors and ten thousand years for it to have all seven colors. This is a ten thousand year old treasure. It is thousands of times better and more effective than thousand year old ganodermas and ten thousand year old ginsengs.

Hearing this, Liu Yue’s was shocked as well. Thousand year old ganodermas and ten thousand year old ginsengs. She’s heard about them before but has never seen them. There were no such things in the modern world. Could it be that they had these things in this world?

If that was true, then they must all be priceless treasures.

She looked at the emotionless Xuan Yuan Che. How did he get something like this?

Not long after she looked at him, Xuan Yuan Che hatefully glared at her.

Liu Yue shuddered. What’s wrong with him?

Thinking about it, Liu Yue finally figured it out.

Yun Zhao was very close to her and her actions with him were very intimate. Xuan Yuan Che must be jealous.

She was laughing inside her heart. She didn’t show it, but you can see the mocking laugh in her eyes.

“What do you want for it?” In the quiet room, a voice suddenly called out.

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