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DOP Chapter 251 – Exposing the Criminal (6)

Chapter 251 – Exposing the Criminal (6)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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“The next item is our last item of the day. It is a priceless treasure. A treasure amongst treasures. Don’t let this chance to obtain this item slip by!” The middle aged man who greeted Chen Fei at the door went up to the stage and exclaimed.

The people who can attend an auction by the Wucheng Conglomerate are all people of high status. High quality treasures for commoners are nothing but common playthings in their eyes.

The items displayed before didn’t mean much to these people. However, the speech by the middle age man suddenly sparked many people’s interests.

It looks like that an absolute priceless treasure was about to be shown.

Everyone was focused on the stage. The middle age man nodded and left the stage.

Then a black clothed young man appeared, holding a small white jade box and slowly walked up the stage.

His face was covered. None of his facial features could be seen. This was very common in auctions.

The man walked up the stage and slowly surveyed all the guests before him/

When his eyes met with Liu Yue’s, she felt her heart beat faster. She smiled. Xuan Yuan Che. This guy is Xuan Yuan Che.

He can change his appearance but he can’t change those eyes of his.

He man glanced over Liu Yue and continued to survey the guests. No connections could be made between them. It was as if they were strangers.

Only Liu Yue saw him smile from that one glance.

After looking through all the people, he didn’t say much. He placed the box on the table and slowly opened it up.

When the guests saw what was in the box, the looks on their face instantly changed.

A few of them shuddered and stood up immediately.

Everyone had a greedy look in their eyes while looking at the item inside the box. They all wanted to take the item in the box for themselves.

Liu Yue felt excitement of the people around her. She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and look at the item in the box.

It was a flower. A seven colored flower. All seven petals were opened up, each with a different color; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Azure, Blue, Purple. It was very beautiful.

A seven color flower. It was the first time that Liu Yue had seen such thing. However it was only a flower, what’s there to be excited about?

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