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DOP Chapter 250 – Exposing the Criminal (5)

Chapter 250 – Exposing the Criminal (5)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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Chen Fei looked at the item but didn’t say anything.

“One Hundred and Ten Thousand taels of gold. Sold!” the old voice yelled. Immediately, someone from one of the gold seat moved towards the old man and received his item.

“Next item……”

“So it’s an auction.” Liu Yue finally understood.

This wasn’t anything like the auctions in the black markets. She thought about the time when she bought some new weapons from the black market auctions in the other world. This time however, she wasn’t interested in no old sword.

“Absolute Beauty Pearl. This thing makes sure that your skin never turns old! The starting price is twenty thousand taels of gold.”

Right after the price was announced, the bidding war started.

“Absolute Beauty Pearl. Now this is some good stuff! One hundred forty thousand taels of gold!” Chen Fei shouted and smiled.

“One hundred fifty thousand taels.” His bid was immediately beaten.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows. These people look like they know Chen Fei’s identity and yet they didn’t give him any face and continued to increase the bid. What’s going on?”

“Wucheng Auction House. It’s allied with the Ao Yun Empire, Snow Saint Empire, Hou Jin Empire, Tianchen Empire and the Nan Song Empire.

Seeing that Liu Yue was confused, Yun Zhao immediately told her about the auction house.

“The merchants here are from all five empires. They all have an immeasurable amount of wealth and all have connections within the royal family of their respective empires. They only respect the items being auctioned and not anyone who bids against them. It’s impossible to make them give up the items they have taken fancy to unless you outbid them.” Yun Zhao was laughing while fanning himself.

Hearing this, Liu Yue nodded. So that’s how it was.

She gave Yun Zhao a glance. Since he knows that Chen Fei is the crowned prince, why did he have to act foolishly and pretend to be a bro?

It seems like there’s more to this Yun Zhao.

Seeing how Liu Yue was glancing at him, Yun Zhao started laughing continued to fan himself.

Wucheng Conglomerate. The five empires. Tianchen Empire. Xuan Yuan Che……

Liu Yue’s eyes flashed. Then there should be people connected to Xuan Yuan Che here….

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