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DOP Chapter 249 – Exposing the Criminal (4)

Chapter 249 – Exposing the Criminal (4)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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Right under the stage, there were three rows of golden seats.

They were all made from pure gold.

She had never seen golden seats aside from the ones that the emperors of Tianchen and Hou Jin sits on.

Today, there were three whole rows of golden chairs!

In just a while, most of the golden chairs were filled with people. Only four seats in the front row were left empty.

The people sitting in these chairs all looked like commoners. Heck, they look more common than commoners.

One of them even had a patches on his clothes.

Having these people sit on these golden elegant chairs, they don’t match at all.

However, all these people looked very composed and professional. If one looked carefully, they all had a mysterious glow in their eyes. When they raised their hands, they all looked very scholarly.

It seems like they weren’t commoners after all.

After seeing Chen Fei come in, they all stood up and bowed.

Chen Fei waved his hand and didn’t say much. He went straight to his seat. The other people didn’t say anything either. They all sat down and minded their own business without doing anything unnecessary.

She followed Chen Fei and sat in the first row. Liu Yue looked at the meter long azure sword. It was very sharp. Other than its sharpness, she couldn’t see what was so special about the sword. Of course, this was because she didn’t know much about old swords.

Slapping his fan on his palm, Yun Zhao whispered, “Wow. Good stuff.”

Liu Yue looked at Yun Zhao.

Yun Zhao felt Liu Yue looking but didn’t turn around. He got closer to Liu Yue and whispered, “This is the treasured sword that the emperor of the old Liu Li empire used. A top quality sword.”

Three Hundred years ago? So it was an antique…..” Liu Yue thought to herself.

“One hundred and ten thousand taels of gold! Is anyone willing to go higher?” The old man quickly took a glance at Chen Fei while shouting.

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