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DOP Chapter 245 – I’m Back (12)

Chapter 245 – I’m Back (12)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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In the few days that he returned from overseas, he had also heard a lot of news about Tian Chen Empire. It had really been tough for his Liu Yue, these fragile shoulders had been helping him assume so much responsibility.

Hugging Liu Yue tightly, Xuan Yuan Che took a deep breath.

“Don’t speak of all that trivial nonsense, what is yours is mine, what is mine is yours. If you are not around, I’ll protect it, it is the most normal thing to do.” Feeling Xuan Yuan Che’s emotions starting to stir, Liu Yue indifferently threw out a sentence at him.

This was not just mere superficiality, but it was what she really believed.

On hearing this, the corners of Xuan Yuan Che’s mouth slowly lifted into an extremely bewitching smile. “I didn’t intend to say anything to you, there no reason for us husband and wife to treat each other as outsiders.”

“That’s right.” Husband and wife, what a nice name, what a nice feeling.

“Now, tell me your plans, I am also quite interested in venturing into the heart of the enemy’s operations.” Both of them were clear about the current situation. In the enemy’s nest, one minor slip could cause a big problem. Their feelings could be slowly talked about, dealing with the situation at hand was the most important for now.

Xuan Yuan Che put his lower jaw on Liu Yue’s shoulders. A hint of a smile and murderous aura flashed across his eyes.

They actually dared to touch his little princess consort, he Xuan Yuan Che will personally take revenge on them. Don’t think that if he wasn’t around, they could bully her.

The colours of the night pervaded the sky, and the moon was slowly setting.

The night was gradually turning blue. The dark blue sky was as dark and deep as the ocean. The night was about to be over, and dawn was about to arrive.

Standing up and nodding his head, Xuan Yuan Che told Liu Yue. “Good, so that’s decided, if he doesn’t come out, I will always have a way to call him out.” Finishing his words, he turned and walked towards the window.

“Where are you going?” On seeing this, Liu Yue’s eyes widened.

Xuan Yuan Che turned back his head and smiled at Liu Yue. “They let their people hide themselves in Tian Chen empire, but they don’t let us insert our people in their country’s territory. Liu Yue, don’t underestimate your husband, I have a place to live, when the time comes you will naturally see me. ”

Finishing his sentence, his lips curved, and he smiled brilliantly at Liu Yue. His dark red figure flashed, and disappeared out of the window.

On seeing this, Liu Yue slowly stretched her back. Three years ago, they were bullied so miserably. Now, it was time for them to get their revenge.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—-!
    wait, wait, i want more scenes with my otp! what is this! that was insufficient—-! rofl
    ok, fine, let’s go get us some revenge!

  2. MK_Mew Mew says:

    Thank you!!!

    Yeeeeeh!!! They are going to get revenge 😀 but I’m so sad that the lovey-doveypart was o short….. he could have done more…. well, it was sugary sweet nevertheess 😛

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