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DOP Chapter 244 – I’m Back (11)

Chapter 244 – I’m Back (11)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

I’ll have a more stable/constant release schedule next week T.T

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On seeing this, Liu Yue beamed as she leaned on Xuan Yuan Che. As she was about to say something, she suddenly thought of something. Leaping up, she rushed to the adjourning room, holding up a sandalwood box with both hands and swiftly walked out.

“Here, this is for you.” Forcing it into Xuan Yuan Che’s hands, Liu Yue, as if minding her own business only, crawled into Xuan Yuan Che’s lap. She’s liked being in this position.

On seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che raised his eyebrows and opened the box. He was slightly surprised. “Blood Toad.”

“Its for you as a health supplement, eating this would definitely be good for your body.” Liu Yue held out her hand to pinch Xuan Yuan Che’s arms, lifting her head and looking at him.

Lowering his head to meet her gaze, Xuan Yuan Che could not find anything to say at this moment. He only knew that his heart was already filled with happiness. It was warm, and it could not contain anything else.

“You little idiot.” His finger swept across Liu Yue’s nose. Xuan Yuan Che smiled tenderly, what virtue and capability did he have to deserve such a wife who wholeheartedly loved him?

“I am now recovered, if I eat this thing now, it will be a waste. I ate lots of such stuff … …” He hadn’t finished his sentence.

Xuan Yue Che’s expression suddenly changed, he stared at Liu Yue. “Oh yes, Blood Toad, Hou Jin. Honestly explain to me what you want to do with those, if I was late by even one step today, what was going to happen to you?

Also, the big wedding, you actually dared to get married, and you actually married a woman. We haven’t even had our big wedding yet, you actually dared to marry somebody else, I won’t stand for it, even if it is a woman. Your big wedding can only be with me, I won’t stand for whoever else.”

He had almost forgotten that he had travelled day and night to rush over here, and just now his heart was so anxious that it had almost stopped beating. And all of that was because of this extremely reckless fellow with all sorts of ideas in front of him.

He had time to talk about the rest, he must first get his revenge for this first.

Liu Yue saw Xuan Yuan Che’s expression had in this instant darkened. The two eyes glaring at her were filled with anger, but there was more of worry.

She couldn’t help but smile slowly. Holding Xuan Yuan Che’s hand, she said as if she careless about it. “Actually there’s nothing much, if you not around, there must be somebody to protect Tian Chen empire. I can’t fight wars, so I can only venture into the heart of the enemy territory to settle it with them. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.”

The way Liu Yue said it was as if it was a simple matter, but when Xue Yuan Che heard it, it did not seem that way to him.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    ah, otp, otp! -screams and falls over- oh my, loved the scenes about xuan yuan che appreciating having a wife who loved him, and him being jealous—! adorable and hilarious!

  2. MK_Mew Mew says:

    Thank you so much for the chapter!!!!
    It’so heartwarming to see how much Xuan Yue Che loves his wide <3 <3 <3

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