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DOP Chapter 242 – I’m Back (9)

Chapter 242 – I’m Back (9)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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The feelings that had been suppressed for three years had entirely erupted.

Lips and teeth close to each other, deeply sucking and nipping.

Fingers wrapped around each other, clothing sliding off.

In the heat that had exploded around them, the house was a sea of passion and fervour.

Lifting Liu Yue up whose clothing had slid off halfway, Xuan Yuan Che turned his body and pushed Liu Yue down onto the bed. His dark red irises were now blazing, and the deep love inside those eyes had come to ebullition.

Liu Yue kissed Xuan Yuan Che back fiercely, both of them completely losing control of their emotions.

Three years, they had suppressed these feelings for three years, after waiting for three years, they initially thought they could regard each other calmly, but they were wrong. Once there was a gap, the flow of running water which had been suppressed for three years had the disposition and force of overflowing torrents of waves.

These feelings could not be suppressed any longer.

Fingers moving all about in a room of spring colours.

“Brother, brother, I heard that there would be something big happening tonight. The people at the West Cliff have been completely dispatched. Brother, are you busy right now?” With the spring scenery still infused in the atmosphere of the room, Yun Zhao’s voice suddenly sounded outside the door. His voice came so fast that when he had finished his sentence, he was just but a few steps from the door of the room.

Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che both froze, and immediately sobered.

With his facial expression instantly twisting, Xuan Yuan Che pulled the clothing that was still hanging from Liu Yue’s arm to him, and wrapped Liu Yue entirely in it swiftly. Luckily, both of them were still not in a situation that had become out of hand.

At the same time, he grabbed his outer clothing, and rapidly jumped out of the window half-dressed.

Shit, he was the King Yi of Tian Chen Empire, too many people knew this face, if he was now identified, it would put Liu Yue in a spot.

Pulling her upper outer garment to herself, Liu Yue face was black, where did Du Yi run off to?

“Peng.” Liu Yue had just dressed when Yue Zhao barged in rather impolitely. In any case it was not his first or second time coming into Liu Yue’s room. Etiquette such as knocking before entering was not needed between two brothers.

“Say, brother, do you have … … ” Yue Zhao who had barged in full of joy and expectation, stopped in his steps. His expression rapidly transformed into a careful one as he looked at Liu Yue.

What was wrong, with Liu Yue sporting a face full of murderous intent?

Could it be that he had meddled in something good?

Rapidly studying the interior of the house, there was no woman here, there is no good occasion to meddle in, so why is this Liu Yue still directing so much murderous intent towards him?

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    no—–! the reunion! yes! you meddled in something good! the other person had to jump out of the window to escape! how dare you, yun zhao—!

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