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DOP Chapter 241 – I’m Back (8)

Chapter 241 – I’m Back (8)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

Oh no….. Forgot to post this before 242. Sorry guys :'(
Got the stomach virus on New Years Eve (T_T”) somehow and just got better.
But uhh. Here it is.

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There were no sweet murmurings of mutual feelings to each other, no wailing and bawling with cheeks streaming with tears, just gentle words spoken lowly.

It was as if a wife bid farewell to a husband at the break of dawn, and the husband returning at sunset, with one gentle sentence of ‘you are back’. It was as peaceful as wine in a glass, but with its aroma overflowing in all directions.

When love runs deep, a silent understanding could beat spoken words.

Opening both arms, Xuan Yuan Che gathered Liu Yue into his arms, tightly, tightly embracing her.

As if he wanted to knead Liu Yue into his body, knead into his flesh and blood, and fuse together with her in one single body.

He buried his head into Liu Yue’s neck deeply, and silent, hot tears spilled along Liu Yue’s lapels and seeped outwards, scalding her where it flowed.

His wife, his Liu Yue.

He did not forget the petite Liu Yue who rushed into that boundless sea of fire without any second thoughts on the day he left. He did not forget the Liu Yue who had bloodstains all over her face, but still remained obstinate in the sea of flames that filled the whole sky.

The Liu Yue, who advanced and retreated with him no matter life or death, and never leaving him.

One farewell for three years, one thousand days and nights, their longing had already pooled into a sea.

But now, he was back, he was finally back, he had come back to protect his wife, protect his only one in this life.

Holding out her hands and holding Xuan Yuan Che close to her equally tightly, Liu Yue opened her mouth and resolutely bit into Xuan Yuan Che’s shoulder, ruthlessly.

In his mouth she had already tasted blood, but he was still unwilling to let go.

Not letting go, she was never letting go again.

Outside the house, a smile slowly crept up Mu Rong Wu Di’s face. He thought three years would have changed something, but in the end, nothing had changed.

It was just richer, and more fragrant.

A relieved smile blossomed at the corner of his mouth, just that in the deepest corners of his eyes, there was a trace of darkness that was mournful and yet not mournful, a helplessness that was yet not helplessness.

It was unreadable, and nobody could make sense of it.

Slowly turning back, he looked eye to eye with Du Yi. Let’s just leave this place to the two who finally met again after a long period of separation.

The night winds were rising, and spring already had some tint of the sizzling hot weather of the impending summer.

His big hands cradling Liu Yue’s cheeks and tilting them upwards, Xuan Yuan Che lowered his head and kissed her with all his strength.

Liu Yue joined her hands, and tightly embraced Xuan Yuan Che’s neck, and kissed back equally fiercely.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    ah, so that’s where du yi went! how could you fprget about that other person! why! at leasr leave someone to guard the couple so that they won’t be disturbed—-! -flips table-

  2. Mooduck says:

    Haha, I was wondering where the other chapter was or if there was some time skip I didn’t notice. Thanks for the chapters!

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