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DOP Chapter 234 – I’m Back (1)

Chapter 234 – I’m Back (1)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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Darting away, she was moving as fast as lightning.

Under the dark skies, a shadow was seen moving quickly. It was fast that it looked like as if it was the remnants of a ghost.

In a flash, she was already out of West Cliff.

It was as if no one knew she was there.

However, in the other direction, a silhouette had seen everything.

Their face was covered with black cloth so it was impossible to tell who it was.

It continued to observe until a number of West Cliff’s people showed up.

It then took a step back and disappeared into the darkness.

“Pop. Pop.” In the darkness, a few red flares soared into the sky. The flares exploded into a bright light, lighting up the the whole area.

A countless amount of shadows dashed out of West Cliff with killing intent. Each and every one of them were experts among experts.

Their murderous auras flowed along with the night breeze. Soon the whole Hou Jin Empire was engulfed with killing intent.

Countless silhouettes in every corner of the Hou Jin Empire began to move out.

In the sky, dark clouds covered the moon, leaving the place in total darkness.

Liu Yue moved as she was lightning, dashing away very quickly.

She felt the breeze blow against her face. In her point of view, the scenery changed very quickly. She was moving at an abnormally fast speed!

She knew that the martial arts of this world was good, however, she didn’t think that it was THIS good.

The night breeze was cold, but she felt her chest burning.

She was unable to suppress the feeling in her heart.

After crossing the alley in a flash, Liu Yue could already see the General Mansion.

She leaped into the back yard. Before she landed, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the air holding a sword. He began to attack the two intruders.

The silhouette belonged to Du Yi who was guarding the place.

With his attack being evaded, Du Yi looked at the clothed Liu Yue and realized that it was her.

He immediately retracted the sword, flew over and frowned at the same time. Liu Yue left by herself. Why was there two people? Who was the other person?

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