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DOP Chapter 233 – The Lost One Has Returned (12)

Chapter 233 – The Lost One Has Returned (12)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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The person behind her, the person behind her … …

That strong body, that wide chest, that familiar scent, the embrace that could let her relax entirely, and trust in completely … …

He … … This person … …

Her eyes suddenly reddened, without any reason.

The arm embracing her waist tightened, and the person behind her flipped his body and leaped up as if he was flying, turning and plunging towards another direction.

Liu Yue only thought that the overlapping and repetitive scenes scenes in front of her were continuously changing. They were all routes she was familiar with.

Originally looking as if it was the wrong way, the person behind her went around a curve, and it became the right way.

Originally looking as if it was the right way, but the person behind her moved quickly past it, without any heed to it.

However, all these were currently not within her scope of consideration. Liu Yue held tightly onto the dagger with one hand, and the other hand felt the hand that was tightly fastened onto her waist.

She held onto it, held onto it tightly, never letting go.

The darkness of the night weaved, and the sounds of the winds fluttered.

Wind whipped past her ear, messing up her hair, making her clothing fly.

As fast as lightning, Liu Yue only felt the sounds of the wind blow past her ears. The scenery was as if she was riding a train, rapidly falling back past her eyes.

She lightly closed her eyes, this feeling felt so good.

“Who is there? Stop!” There was a sudden loud shout, and from diagonally in front of them, four shadows flew towards them, advancing fiercely with murderous spirit.

The person behind suddenly hugged her waist, and Liu Yue only heard a soft voice. “Go.” Her waist immediately felt an immense amount of force, and her body hurtled towards the night sky in front of her.

Her body in midair, Liu Yue rapidly turned her head, only to see the person clad in dark red jerking in the air, ferociously meeting the attacks behind her.

A silver light flashed, and under the moonlight, blood spurted out in all directions. The four people who were charging towards them had been incapacitated at the waist.

It was a violent and firm attack, taking their lives with just one blow.

The corners of her mouth lifting up into a bright smile, Liu Yue’s eyes were as radiant as coloured glass, sparkling with a luster more brilliant than the light of the stars.

As her body swung upwards and having yet to descend, the person behind her had already swiftly arrived beside her. With a single wave of his sleeve, his arm had once again encircled her waist, as if it were a huge roc spreading its wings, drowning itself in the dark night in an instant.

The murderous intent behind them launched towards them.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    OTP?! no one else would get that reaction from liu yue! i’ve been waiting for the otp to reunite! ah—-!

  2. crystalalarmblog says:

    I feel a certain wayward assassin is going to get a scolding, possibly even a spanking for many pranks pulled (not the least of which being getting engaged to another woman).

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