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DOP Chapter 232 – The Lost One Has Returned (11)

Chapter 232 – The Lost One Has Returned (11)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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Practically unafraid of dying, Liu Yue smashed her head in the direction of the unyielding and firm looking stone house.

With a ferocious charge forward, she shot past the stone house in front of her, and Liu Yue’s head almost knocked into the corridor railing in front of her.

Sure enough, it was an optical illusion. The light in Liu Yue’s both eyes flashed. Tightening her fist, she unfolded her body and dashed towards the corridor in front of her.

She remembered, no matter how much the scenery in front of her changed, as long as she followed the route in her memory, there would not be any problem.

Her black figure flew quickly in the darkness of the night.

In her surroundings, countless dark shadows were also hurtling towards her at rapid speed. That sinister aura, that malevolent murderous intent, violently converged on her.

If it became a situation where she was surrounded by all four sides, with the West Cliff’s numerous martial art experts, if she was surrounded, it was as difficult as scaling the sky to escape.

All plans would immediately fail at the last hurdle.

Her figure flashing continuously, with a few movements, Liu Yue suddenly brandished her arm wildly. Shit, she had returned to her original position again.

Sweeping a quick glance across her surroundings, the scenery was entirely the same as when she had dashed out of the stone house. Currently, the stone house was yet again standing in front of her.

What was different was that the surrounding aura was getting closer, and she could almost hear the sound of clothing splitting across the skies in their approach.

The people from the West Cliff arrived so quickly.

With the situation on a tightrope, and the surrounding advances almost imminent, Liu Yue, at this moment however, became surprisingly more calm.

Simply closing her eyes, she rushed towards the stone house in front of her. She would not look, looking would affect her judgment. She would just trust her instincts.

Her figure dashed out hurriedly, with all her strength concentrated in her movement.

“You idiot.” A shadow as fast as electricity bolted out. Without having reached the shadow of a stone, an irritated voice suddenly sounded in a low tone. Subsequently, her waist tightened, and an arm had already encircled her waist.

Liu Yue immediately opened her eyes with a ‘shua’, and without thinking, the dagger in her hand reflexively stabbed in the direction of the person behind her.

Somebody had came so near to her already, and yet she did not discover it.

The dagger slashed across the air, and was about to pierce into the body of the person behind her. Liu Yue’s body suddenly jerked, and the dagger held in her hand abruptly came to a stop in midair.

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