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DOP Chapter 231 – The Lost One Has Returned (10)

Chapter 231 – The Lost One Has Returned (10)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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Liu Yue almost flew on the hundreds of steps, her figure flashing past, a black shadow as fast as lightning.

When she first started, the wall was still above her head. With a few steps, the wall was pressing down on Liu Yue such that she could only bow her body forward as she raced in front, with the space she had becoming smaller.

The hundred steps were originally a journey of short length, but currently it seemed unimaginably long.

Tossing the silk threads in front, hooking onto the ground surface outside the cave, Liu Yue exerted all her effort, hauling herself in one movement, her entire body shooting outside as if it was a sharp arrow.

Her body moving past with her shadow barely catching up with her, she was only able to escape the cave through tugging on her silk thread. With a “hong” sound being her, the entire cave closed in on itself, without leaving a single crack or gap.

If Liu Yue was slower by a single step, she would have become meat patty.

Everything happened in an instant.

Without having enough time to take a breather and to lament, Liu Yue, in one ferocious swoop, pounced to the side of the door. She turned her hand and pressed her palm on the stone wall.

A slight breeze blew by, and a small crack slowly opened. Liu Yue, in a flash, rapidly moved through the crack and out.

Murderous intent permeated all four sides. There was originally nobody outside, but in this moment, Liu Yue distinctly felt that there were numerous people rushing in her direction. That malevolent killing aura almost repressed the entire night sky.

With trembling hands, Liu Yue withdrew the silk threads on her wrist. She leaped and launched them towards the dark night.

With one foot down the ground, without Liu Yue even having time to advance another step, the scenery in front of her abruptly changed, entirely switching to another position.

The passageway that was originally in front of her was now behind her.

The stone house that was originally her was now standing directly in front of it.

Shit, battle disposition and mechanisms were in operation. What ridiculous battle disposition had started? Upon seeing this, Liu Yue in a split second became startlingly coldly acute.

She knew everything, no matter how many people came tonight, she could still noiselessly break through, but she did not know how to destroy formations.

Her black irises darkening, Liu Yue did not care whatever scene was in front of her, advancing towards the stone house in front of her without any second thoughts.

She did not believe that the house would actually move. This must be something related to an optical illusion or trick.

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