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DOP Chapter 230 – The Lost One Has Returned (9)

Chapter 230 – The Lost One Has Returned (9)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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In the entire small stone room, there was no gap at all. The small hidden chamber was immediately filled with the light of arrows, there were probably numbered in the hundreds to thousands.

In sinister cold light, they shot towards Liu Yue in the middle, and it was impossible to avoid.

Her face darkening, Liu Yue’s reactions were also fast, with one movement, the silk thread that she had always been wearing on her wrist shot out in a ‘shua’ sound, hooking onto the the summit of the stone room.

With a launch of her body, Liu Yue flew upwards, her feet tapping at certain points on the stone surface above her head, her entire person hanging on the ceiling of the room like a lizard.

There was no gap at all below her, and there was only a small space at the top.

As she grasped onto the ceiling, the cold light of arrows had already reached her, the sinister looking arrowheads almost cutting into her cheeks as they zoomed past.

Her hair fell lightly in the forest of sharp arrowheads.

In the blink of an eye, the thick intersecting torrent of arrowheads shot across, without any gap in the middle. If Liu Yue had been slower for even one second, she would have been a porcupine by now.

She could not stay long in this place. Liu Yue launched the silk thread in her hand and threw herself towards the entrance of the room.

In the moment when Liu Yue let go of the hand grasping onto the ceiling of the roof, and propelled herself towards the entrance of the stone room.

Black metal spears suddenly shot out from the ceiling and the four walls with a ‘shua’ sound.

They were at least as thick as an infant’s arm, with one side moving alongside the wall, and the tips thrusting out, the incisive tips was suffused with the cold colour of metal, and they were so sharp as to be able to cut open air.

The four walls and the stone ceiling seemed to have transformed at that instant into a porcupine that had unfolded its sharp thorns, brimming with ghastly murderous intent.

A cold look flashed across Liu Yue’s eyes. She brandished the silk threads in her hands, and rushed outside as if she was flying.

“Hong.” As she stepped onto the step outside the stone room, Liu Yue had yet to steady herself as a dull rumble sounded, and the surrounding walls and steps started to move.

In all four directions, they converged towards the step in the middle that was only large enough to support one person.

Her eyes flashing in the colour of metallic blood, Liu Yue swiftly rushed up the steps.

One round leading to the other, one step after another.

The four walls beside her closed on her rapidly, with the remaining space becoming smaller and smaller, tinier and tinier.

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