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DOP Chapter 229 – The Lost One Has Returned (8)

Chapter 229 – The Lost One Has Returned (8)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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Within the four sides of the stone room, there were different things placed.

On the eastern side of the stone steps, there were five rows of bottles and jars. Liu Yue swept her gaze across their labels. If these were not highly toxic substances, they must be extremely rare legendary potions, and it was more sumptuous than Tian Chen’s collection.

At the northern side, there were rolls of scripts. A hurried glance at them proved unable to tell what exactly they were.

However, at the western side, there were many weapons placed. Their sizes ranged from those as small as one finger to some the size of a human being. The dark gleam of the blades radiated with coldness under the light of the Night Pearls.

Without even needing to try, one would know that these are legendary weapons that were powerful enough to slice a single strand of hair.

At the southern side which Liu Yue faced, there was a just a wooden box. The body of the box was sandalwood, and it did not look very valuable and unique, but it occupied the entire space at the southern side.

Liu Yue swept her gaze around her, scrutinising the entire room once again. There was were no uneven places, and it looked very safe.

Putting away the Night Pearl in her hand, Liu Yue held her dagger in one hand, and walked slowly towards the wooden box. The thing she wanted was probably here.

Advancing a few steps, Liu Yue lightly brandished her dagger and sliced across the surface of the wooden box. There was no thread.

She blew in the direction of the wooden box. There was no movement.

Upon seeing this, Liu Yue raised her dagger, and gently prised the cover of the wooden box open, looking into the box.

There were rolls of cloth in the box. Black ink showed through from the bank of the cloth in undulating patterns. It was not calligraphy, but a painting.

Liu Yue’s eyes immediately shone, this was a map.

In this abrupt moment, with Liu Yue yet to react, the slight sound of ‘ka cha’ suddenly reverberated within the stone room.

Liu Yue’s internal alarms immediately sounded. She had bumped into the mechanism, at this moment, she swiftly reached out for the painting.

But even if she was fast, the painting was even faster. With a ‘peng’ sound, it immersed into the stone support below.

At the very same moment, the valuable items in the surrounding three sides also submerged under the stone surface below in the blink of an eye, entirely disappearing from sight.

A cold light flashed within Liu Yue’s eyes when she saw this, turning and retreating behind her.

In that very moment where Liu Yue took a step behind her, a light sound ‘chi’ sounded near her ear, and a densely packed barrage of arrows immediately shot out from the four walls, crisscrossing as they flew towards her.

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