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DOP Chapter 228 – The Lost One Has Returned (7)

Chapter 228 – The Lost One Has Returned (7)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

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As she walked one circle around the stone fort, a trace of contempt welled up in Liu Yue’s eyes. To think that just one rock would ensure maximum safety? It was practically an idiotic idea.

With one step, she stood firmly behind the house. Liu Yue stretched her fingers and pressed the seemingly smooth surface of the rock.

There was a palmprint that was so shallow that it was practically impossible to feel.

As she pressed down with her fingers, the stone door immediately started to slowly open. It was so slight that it did not make any sound at all. Liu Yue ducked through through the gap swiftly.

Behind her, the stone door descended lightly. Liu Yue did not use much strength, and had only opened a small crack.

There were no sounds of breathing. Fei Cheng Lie was not here.

In the span of darkness, Liu Yue acutely sensed that there was nobody in this room. She took out a Night Pearl from her torso that she had earlier prepared.

At that moment, in the room where it was so dark as to not be able to see one’s five fingers, a dim light flickered, and illuminated upon the contents of the room.

Sure enough, there was nobody.

The room was very small, just containing one bed and one table. It was impossible to hide a person.

Holding up the Night Pearl in her hand, Liu Yue swept her gaze around her surroundings, and directly walked towards the bed in the middle of the room.

Pressing on the corner that jutted out from the headboard of the bed, a slight sound ‘ka-cha’ echoed in the room, and Liu Yue ducked out of the way.

The simple wooden bed slowly shifted outwards, and revealed a dark passage narrow enough for one person to enter.

Liu Yue raised her eyebrows. Shining the Night Pearl at the bottom, a straight flight of steps directly descended to the bottom which was too dark to see.

Since she was already here, it was impossible to just go back like that.

Liu Yue leaped into the dark passage with one movements and descended from the steps.

It was a straight and direct flight of steps, with about a hundred steps. Angled at almost sixty degrees, it was quite precipitous.

As she held the Night Pearl in her hands and followed the steps, she turned at a corner at the end. Liu Yue felt a sudden brightness in front of her eyes, and her Night Pearl completely lost its luster.

In front of her was a square-shaped stone room, with up to twenty Night Pearls embedded on its four walls, lighting up this small stone room with a radiance akin to daytime.

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