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DOP Chapter 227 – The Lost One Has Returned (6)

Chapter 227 – The Lost One Has Returned (6)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

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The wind blew gently and elegantly at night.

Camouflaged by the darkness, Liu Yue quietly entered West Cliff and went straight to where Fei Cheng Lie resided.

The house was all black. Under the dark night sky, it was a natural protective screen for Liu Yue. It made it too easy for her to infiltrate West Cliff.

On the outside, West Cliff looked as if it was empty. However, in the darkness, Liu Yue could feel the presence of many people hiding around.

They were continuously moving, continuously exchanging positions and continuously survillencing the area.

These people were experts. Liu Yue couldn’t even hear their breathing or feel their energy. She believes that if anyone besides her were to come here, they would definitely be discovered easily without being able to walk even ten meters.

However, these people couldn’t stop her.

She was someone who belongs in the darkness.

She silently opened the hidden door in the fourth hall and quickly disappeared into the third hall. Her movements were as swift as wind.

Moving swiftly, she appeared in front of Fei Cheng Lie’s residence in a blink of an eye.

The place looked ordinary. It sat in the large courtyard by itself, isolated in the middle of nowhere. The place was especially quiet as well.

There was no one here. Not a single soul.

Liu Yue closed her eyes to feel around. There was no one in the surroundings either.

Just before, there were countless amount of guards in the fourth hall. Why was there no one here at all? Liu Yue frowned slightly.

Opening her eyes, she gently walked over. Each step was taken with the utmost caution as she constantly observe her surroundings.

Du Gu Ye had already tricked her once with a scheme like this. She didn’t want to fall for something like this twice, so she was extra careful.

As she walked up slowly, she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Lurking in the darkness and looking at the residence in front of her, a hint of coldness could be seen in Liu Yue’s eyes.

No wonder why there was nobody guarding the place. The windows that she saw during the day had completely disappeared. The house in front of her was basically a rock.

There were no doors and no windows. It’s a rock solid house. The house was basically a fortress.

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