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DOP Chapter 226 – The Lost One Has Returned (5)

Chapter 226 – The Lost One Has Returned (5)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The way the arrangements were made was very clever.

“General Liu, please wait for a moment.” Upon arriving at a courtyard, the youngster told Liu Yue as he turned and entered the dark courtyard.

Liu Yue stood in front of the garden and examined her surroundings. The road was shaped like the word “王” (King). It seems like this is where Fei Cheng Lie stays.

After quite an amount of time, the youngster returned and said, “The House Master is preparing a secret medicine right now so he is unable to come out. Would General Liu please revert my thanks to His Highness, the Crown Prince, for his courtesy. These two pills here are for General Liu as thanks for your visit.”

Saying that, the youngster handed the two snow white pills to Liu Yue and left.

Hearing this, Liu Yue’s eyes darkened. Preparing secret medicine? Bullshit. How can Fei Cheng Lie know how to prepare secret medicine? It was obvious that he just didn’t want to see her.

Playing with the snow white pills in her hands, a sweet scent wafted out. Two Blood Ginseng Pills. Good stuff!

Liu Yue didn’t have much to say, so she turned around and followed the youngster out. It seems like it’s going to be pretty hard to meet Fei Cheng Lie.

There was not even any chance for her to make a move.

Although Fei Cheng Lie thought that Liu Yue and Mu Rong Liu Yue were different people, he still felt uneasy. If he could avoid seeing him, he would. He did not want to take any chances at all.

Night time came along and another day was about to pass.

Liu Yue, who wore black-coloured clothes and had her face covered, hid herself in the darkness, as she made her way to the West Cliff.

The big wedding celebration was almost here. She didn’t have a lot of time to waste on him.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. Traces of black clouds drifted about in the sky, the moonlight penetrating the cloud layers and sprinkling down. The light haze added a form of mysterious beauty to the landscape.

“Brother, come out for some tea.” Holding a cup, Yun Zhao raised his eyebrows as he looked at Du Yi, who stood by Liu Yue’s door.

“Master is sleeping.” Du Yi answered coldly.

“Sleeping?” Yun Zhao looked at the sky and then at Du Yi who was standing by the door.

Who sleeps this early? Did he think that I’m a kid?

Yun Zhao frowned slightly, but a tinge of helplessness crept onto his face, “Sleeping so early!” He walked towards the rear of the mansion in frustration.

Under the stars, a moment later, a black shadow flew out from the General Mansion’s back door and quickly disappeared into the dark night.

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