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DOP Chapter 225 – The Lost One Has Returned (4)

Chapter 225 – The Lost One Has Returned (4)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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On this day, Liu Yue brought two bottles of high quality tea over to West Cliff.

In West Cliff’s Fourth Hall.

“His highness the Crown Prince asked if Fei Yan was doing better.” Liu Yue casually said as she sat in the Fourth Hall.

The Fourth Hall Master sighed and frowned a bit, “He’s awake but the situation is not well. We can’t fully expel the poison from his body.”

After hearing the situation, she raised her brows and said, “The Crown Prince said that if you need anything, don’t hesitate and ask for it directly.”

In her mind, Liu Yue let out a cold laugh. She was the one who poisoned him. These people shouldn’t even think about dispelling the poison.

“Naturally.” The Fourth Hall Master nodded bluntly. It seems like his relationship with Chen Fei is not a simple one.

Liu Yue stood up and gracefully said to the Fourth Hall Master , “Today I came with two objectives. The first is to ask about Fei Yan’s injuries on the Crown Princes’ behalf. The second is to bring some tea that the Crown Prince had gotten his hands on and give them to the West Cliff’s House Master.

This Fei Cheng Lie doesn’t really like anything except for good tea.

She only found out about this fact after Fei Cheng Lie had ran away.

Today, Chen Fei had picked some high quality tea leaves and sent Liu Yue to deliver them immediately.

The West Cliff basically acted as the right hand of Chen Fei. He needed to treat the House Master well.

The Fourth Hall Master didn’t say much and lightly clapped his hands. The seemingly normal wall was suddenly pushed opened and a person walked out.

The person nodded at Liu Yue and walked towards the table with the tea. After testing and confirming that there was no poison in the tea, he turned towards Liu Yue and said, “This way, General Liu.”

He turned around and started walking towards the opened wall.

Seeing this, Liu Yue followed.

Behind the wall was an empty space. It wasn’t a secret room or a tunnel or anything. Instead, it was an amazingly decorated courtyard.

However, it was still dark and damp, and gave off an oppressive feeling.

Liu Yue didn’t make a sound as she followed the youngster. She focused on the road straight ahead but there was actually nothing ahead.

West Cliff’s first hall, second hall, third hall and fourth hall. She was able to see the doors that led to each hall when she walked in. However, in order to enter the other halls asides from the Fourth Hall, she had to enter through the secret passage in the Fourth Hall.

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