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DOP Chapter 219 – Meeting an Old Friend (10)

Chapter 219 – Meeting an Old Friend (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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This was Hou Jin Kingdom’s secret weapon, its trump card. This was the place that she had spent three years looking for, the “West Cliff” that she couldn’t figure out all along.

A thin, cold smile flashed across her expression. After spending so much effort on infiltrating this place, she had actually enter this place from the front door so blatantly.

The group of people walked towards the dark house. Before anyone managed to knock on the door, the front door immediately opened with a loud sound. Two people wearing black immediately came out and welcomed them.

“Your Highness the Crown Prince…”

Before the two people finished their polite greeting, Chen Fei waved his hands, stopping their greeting and said, “Fei Yan was poisoned, prepare a space for him in the Fourth Hall.”

The two people’s face immediately changed when they heard this. One quickly went back into the dark house, while the other quickly came forward and looked at Fei Yan who was still carried on the Imperial Royal Captain’s back. Seeing Fei Yan’s bad complexion, his face immediately crumpled as he turned around and rushed into the dark house.

“Follow along.” Chen Fei turned and spoke to Liu Yue, before following closely from behind.

As for the guards behind him, everyone retreated neatly, standing far in front of the West Cliff’s front door and didn’t follow them inside.

Seeing this, Liu Yue didn’t say anything as she followed Chen Fei into the buiding.

The front door closed as the two people entered.

Against expectations, although the front door looked small, the space inside the building was actually quite big. Seems like all the houses along these street had been summed up in this whole space.

Liu Yue observed the path she walked. The so-called First Hall, Second Hall and Third Hall were all names to partition the whole place. The place was closed securely, without a courtyard, nothing inside could be seen from the outside.

The place was also extremely deserted, as if no one was actually inside the building.

Quickly moving along the large corridor, Liu Yue tailed behind Chen Fei as they entered the Fourth Hall.

Fourth Hall, West Cliff’s Fourth Hall was the divison in charge of detoxification and poison identification.

The two people entered the Hall, which was a place that was as big as one of the halls int Hou Jin Palace. Bottles and vases spread out along the walls of the room.

Potent smell of herbs spread out in the room. There were too many kinds of herbs’ smell mixed together that it wasn’t clear what kind of materials were present inside the room.

And in the quiet, silent room, three people had already gathered. There were two handsome looking middle aged people and one youth.

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