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DOP Chapter 218 – Meeting an Old Friend (9)

Chapter 218 – Meeting an Old Friend (9)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Silver needle.” Liu Yue said coldly.

The Imperial bodyguard beside Liu Yue immediately gave a silver needle to her. Liu Yue took it and pricked it at Fei Yan’s shoulders. Immediately, black coloured blood that had a fishy smell splurted out.

Seeing this, Liu Yue checked all of Fei Yan’s other limbs then raised Fei Yan’s hands to observe it more clearly.

Although the skin looked fine, there was a small scar.

Right when nobody was paying attention, Liu Yue wiped the finger and erased the faint scar from his hands, wiping out all traces of injury.

“Hit his Bai Hui and Tan Zhong acupoint, I don’t know how to hit pressure points,” Standing up, Liu Yue ordered in a low voice.

The Imperial Royal Captain who was squatting beside her immediately hit Fei Yan’s Bai Hui and Tan Zhong pressure points with a movement as quick as lightning.

After his two pressure points was hit, his dark complexion immediately diminished slowly.

Chen Fei, who did not speak at all throughout Liu Yue’s diagnosis and treatment, looked at Liu Yue with a raised eyebrow, “How is it?”

Liu Yue shook her head, “It’s really weird. i’ve never seen such a poison before. I could only stop the poison from spreading temporarily, I can’t detoxify it,”

Hearing this, Chen Fei swept a glance across the surrounding guards.

Every single person was looking down. It was obvious that none of them had an inkling of what poison it was.

“Men, carry him and follow me,” Seeing this, Che Fei said in a low voice and ordered immediately.

“Yes.” Those Imperial Royal Guards immediately tore off their clothes and wrapped them around their hands before supporting Fei Yan up.

“You, come along too.” Giving Liu Yue a glance, Chen Fei nodded towards her.

Liu Yue didn’t say anything much and only responded with a short “yeah.” She followed them from behind.

The group of people immediately turned around and walked towards the east of the palace.

They walked quickly, and in a few moments, the group of people reached a dark house on the east of the palace.

Fei Yan’s body was pitch-black; other than black, there was only black. There was no other colour. There were only two statues of lions baring its fangs and claws in front of the dark house, everything looked so calm and peaceful.

There wasn’t a single person in the area surrounding the house. The whole place was brimming with a gloomy, sinister ambience, as if it wanted to swallow every person that had came to this place.

Liu Yue looked up to the plaque hung on top of the dark house, “West Cliff”.

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