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DOP Chapter 217 – Meeting an Old Friend (8)

Chapter 217 – Meeting an Old Friend (8)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: editAS
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Yes.” Fei Yan immediately replied respectfully.

Liu Yue only smiled a little, and didn’t say anything much.

“Let’s go, since we are outside the palace today, we should go to visit the Third Brother…”

“Ahh!” Chen Fei had not even finished the sentence he was happily saying when Fei Yan, who was perfectly alright just a second ago suddenly cried out miserably as his face changed colour. His whole body was trembling as he collapsed onto the ground.

His whole face had turned white as his whole body lay on the ground and shook continuously.

Chen Fei’s expression immediately changed and shouted, “What happened?” with concern as he inspected Fei Yan who was still trembling uncontrollably on the ground.

Liu Yue’s eyes flashed as she grabbed onto Chen Fei, stopping him from inspecting Fei Yan.

Chen Fei immediately turned around, and Liu Yue said with a stern voice, while looking at Fei Yan who was lying on the ground, “He’s been poisoned.”

The surrounding guards who were hidden amongst the crowd charged forward even before she had finished her sentence.

The surrounding ordinary citizens who were bustling with excitement just a few seconds ago, were alarmed by this turn of events. Not daring to stay near, they immediately walked away as far as possible.

Hearing Liu Yue’s words, Chen Fei raised his eyebrows and stood up straight. He had no intention of personally inspecting Fei Yan’s condition.

The Guard Chief that had immediately come forward and inspected Fei Yan’s condition, then looked towards Chen Fei with a serious look, “He is poisoned.”

“What poison? How did he get poisoned?” Chen Fei’s complexion didn’t look too good.

That Guard Chief knitted his brows tightly and shook his head, “I don’t know.”

As he said that, Chen Fei’s eyes seemed to flash with anger. That Guard Chief was immediately so shocked that he didn’t dare to raise his head.

“Let me see.” At this time, Liu Yue who was holding onto Chen Fei immediately let go of his hands, moved forward and squatted beside Fei Yan. She bent over and inspected him.

In a short time, Fei Yan’s face had already turned black. His breath was laboured and his trembling was becoming more and more severe.

Liu Yue’s expression turned cold as she tore a piece of her robe and wrapped it around her hands. Tearing Fei Yan’s clothes open, they saw that the skin under that clothes had already started to turn black very quickly. The black colour was slowly spreading towards Fei Yan’s heart.

The poison was extremely potent.

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