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DOP Chapter 214 – Meeting an Old Friend (5)

Chapter 214 – Meeting an Old Friend (5)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The horses that was running and pulling the carriage looked so ordinary that they could be easily forgotten and ignored when others saw them. However, they looked extremely spirited when they ran, and had a speed that even a racing horse couldn’t compare.

The four horses ran through the dark night with a lightning speed. However, that horse carriage was stable and did not jolt too much.

It was as if someone was lifting it up from the bottom. It was extremely stable.

Inside the horse carriage, two lanterns shone with a sparkling light, emitting a bright radiance. In the silent night, two figures could be seen inside the carriage, one sitting upright while the other leaning against the walls.

“Cough, cough. Take a look at the news we received just now.” An old-sounding voice resounded, carrying an amused tone.

The old man sitting inside the carriage was filled with amusement as he passed something to the young man leaning against the carriage. It was a letter that they had just received from a Carrier Pigeon.

“What is it about?” That young man who was closing his eyes opened his eyes when he heard him. He received the letter that the old man had passed to him.

His voice was deep, filled with an unexplainable rich and sexy tone.

“What, marriage ceremony? Marrying a wife?” Suddenly, the deep voice had changed pitch, and the sound of teeth grinding ensued. That young man immediately sat upright as his whole face darkened.

As a cold wind blew into the carriage, the temperature inside the carriage seemed to decrease by a few degrees.

“Heheh, heheh.” The owner of the old voice tried his best to keep his voice down, but a few burst of laughter escaped his lips.

That old man’s face was filled with smiles, but he didn’t dare to laugh out loud. He could only turn around, looked outside the carriage window and tried to choke down his laughter with all his might.

“Go to Hou Jin Kingdom.” An expression that didn’t seem quite like amusement or anger crossed the young man’s eyes as he waved his hands and knocked on the carriage door.

The carriage immediate turned towards the direction of Hou Jin Kingdom.

The cold night wind blew as the moonlight shone brightly.

In the Hou Jin Kingdom’s Capital.

Located in a strategic place in the southwest, the prosperity of Yi Ya City, the Hou Jin Kingdom’s capital, was much more than the Tian Chen’s Capital.

Many people walked through its streets that was filled with different stalls. The whole place was extremely lively.

“What, are you not used to it?” At the White Tiger Road, the Hou Jin Crown Prince who wore a golden robe looked towards Liu Yue who was standing beside him.

She was still wearing a white robe covering her whole body. It seemed like she had dressed according to her wishes, but even with this ordinary style that she wore, she had made the people in the streets turn to her for a second look.

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