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DOP Chapter 213 – Meeting an Old Friend (4)

Chapter 213 – Meeting an Old Friend (4)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“They are really ruthless and quick. This Chen Fei should really not be underestimated,” Yun Zhao’s face darkened as he waved the fan in his hands.

He observed Liu Yue from head to toe unhappily; he was extremely unhappy about this news.

The reason for his unhappiness was not because of Liu Yue wanting to stay in Hou Jin Kingdom, it was because he didn’t want him to marry. Imagining him having a wife made his stomach churn.

He didn’t want Liu Yue to marry.

Didn’t want Liu Yue to marry? Suddenly, Yunn Zhao was so surprised by his own thought that he almost jumped.

Why did he have such a scary thought?

Even if he wanted Liu Yue to follow him, even if he wanted to be his sworn brother, it was a matter of course that this brother of his would marry someone. Why would he be uncomfortable with that?

He must be mad, mad. Yun Zhao fought with his inner self.

“I’m going to bathe.” After saying that, Yun Zhao turned around and immediately disappeared. With that kind of speed, he must have used Light Body Technique.

Looking at the direction where Yun Zhao disappeared to, Liu Yue thought, ‘Why was he in so much hurry to bathe? He even used the Light Body Technique, humph.”

She didn’t pay attention to Yun Zhao, but from the corner of her eye, she caught Du Yi, whose face had been a picture of arctic a moment ago, trying to control his expression, making his face looked extremely distorted.

After a ruthless glare, Du Yi immediately turned back and retreated.

Their Imperial Princess was going to marry a Princess. This was indeed a good news, an extremely good news.

If this news was spread to the public, how shocking would it be to everyone? Their Imperial Princess marrying a Princess, that was really a ridiculous joke.

Even he, who was cold and emotionless, couldn’t endure it a little.

Seeing Du Yi’s distorted face as he retreated, Liu Yue rubbed her temples. It was not as if she was the one who wanted to marry.

Raising her head and looking at the Eastern Seas direction, Liu Yue revealed a smile, showing her white teeths. She said in a low voice, “You haven’t come back, why haven’t you come back yet?”

“Humph, if you still haven’t come back, I’m going to marry that Princess and make you die of anger, you asshole.” Gritting her teeth, Liu Yue rubbed her knuckles as if she was preparing to box someone.

The spring breeze blew as the news spread quickly towards all directions.

At Yun Cheng Residence in the Qu Kingdom.

Under the moonlight, a horse carriage hurried towards Tian Chen, with a speed as if they were almost flying.

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