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DOP Chapter 212 – Meeting an Old Friend (3)

Chapter 212 – Meeting an Old Friend (3)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

As he glanced at Liu Yue in a profound manner, the Emperor of Hou Jin slowly smiled and nodded his head. “Not bad, not bad, the Crown Prince’s suggestion is reasonable. In today’s celebration, let me herein add another celebratory event, I bestow upon the Seventeenth Princess and Official Liu, to choose another day for marriage.”

As he finished his sentence, an uproar immediately erupted amongst all the civil and military officials in the main hall.

For one who just stepped into the imperial court, he was immediately bestowed marriage with a princess, and became a prince consort. In so many years of the history of the Kingdom of Hou Jin, this was the first; such honour and glory was practically unprecedented.

Even though the Seventeenth Princess was born to an ordinary concubine, and was not regarded as very honourable in position, but she was still a princess.

In this moment, all the civil and military officials who had the ability to etch a place in the middle of this main hall, where every one of them was definitely not somebody who could be easily dealt with, all immediately started congratulating Liu Yue in succession.

Such a highly regarded individual, how could they not build up connections with him.

Liu Yue however was slightly stunned, she thought of hundreds and thousands of possibilities, but never thought that her arrival immediately spawned a royal marriage. To bestow marriage upon Concubine Yi of the Kingdom of Tian Chen, what kind of joke was this?

This Kingdom of Hou Jin was so desperate for people?

“Prince Consort Liu, thank the King for the privilege.” The prime minister of Hou Jin who stood at the foremost position of the hundreds of officials, smiled at Liu Yue as he prompted him.

Liu Yue raised her eyebrows, and the corners of her mouth lifted into a smile. A bestowed marriage then, she had nothing to fear.

“Thank you Your Highness.”

A shimmering brilliance of golden light sprinkled outside the Palace Main Hall of the Kingdom of Hou Jin, spread out in a pool of gold.

An appointed general and a government official, and also the prince consort of this reigning dynasty.

Such news was like a strong gale on the grassland, at that very moment blowing across tens of thousands of miles of high altitudes, and spread across all directions in rapid speed.

“What, a royal marriage?” At night, in the General’s Official Residence in Hou Jin’s capital, Yun Zhao with an entire face of black and blue bruises, stared at Liu Yue with his mouth open.

“Is there a problem?” Liu Yue leaned back on her chair as she looked at Yun Zhao.

The Kingdom of Hou Jin handled matters with considerably commendable speed, in such a short time she already had a General’s Official Residence, and the highly rumoured status of the Prince Consort, perhaps from now onwards, there was nobody in Hou Jin’s Capital who did not know of this already.

This guy’s face was practically a more and more horrible spectacle to endure, it has been twenty-odd days, not only did it not recover, but it seemed to be also getting worse, as if he had fought his entire way over.

The corner of Yun Zhao’s mouth twitched, his entire face in an expression of disbelief.

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  1. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    YURI!! whatever
    If the princess hates the royal family, she might become a conspirator. If she isn’t, she’ll be a pawn.

  2. Yellow says:

    Thank you ShiroYuki for the chapter! This is hilarious, liu Yue marrying a princess I wonder what they’ll do when they find out that she us a girl…

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