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DOP Chapter 211 – Meeting an Old Friend (2)

Chapter 211 – Meeting an Old Friend (2)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

“Official Liu comes from overseas, yet demonstrates laudable loyalty to me. Such young and brave talent has potential when put to good use.” The Emperor of the Kingdom of Hou Jin smiled as looked at Liu Yue.

“However, one cannot be too ignorant of matters of the central plains. In my opinion, from now on, follow the Crown Prince closely and learn more.”

As the words came out of the Emperor’s mouth, a commotion immediately broke out among all the officials in the hall.

To be able to follow the Crown Prince closely, which one of his followers was not a First-ranked Official? This Liu Yue was just a small Third-ranked Military General, but was given such a privilege to enter the Crown Prince’s cabinet. It seems that the Emperor thought highly of this Liu Yue, he would certainly become successful in his career in the near future.

In this moment, the officials immediately heaped massive bright smiles on their faces. The way they looked at Liu Yue was practically enthusiastic to the extreme.

“Yes.” As usual, Liu Yue replied evenly, as if he did not know what a big privilege had been handed to him.

But it was this even calmness and ignorance that made the Emperor like him even more.

There were too many intelligent people on this earth. It was precisely such simple, wholeheartedly loyal people that were indeed rare and valuable.

“I am unaware of your age this year, General Liu?” In the midst of the fawning and pleased gazes, the Crown Prince, who had been standing in front of the Emperor on the white jaded elevation and had been silent all this while, suddenly flashed a smile at Liu Yue.

Refined and gentle, but also emanating some vigour in his stature, he may not be able to compare to the likes of Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye, but the Crown Prince of Hou Jin, Chen Fei, was also considered to be a talented individual.

“Sixteen.” Liu Yue was really direct with his answer.

Upon hearing this, the Crown Prince nodded his head. “Sixteen, about time to settle down.”

After muttering that sentence in a low tone, Chen Fei smiled as he turned his head to speak to the Emperor. “Father, as the idiom goes, when one settles down one achieves goals, I think General Liu is a young and talented individual, and also close in age to the Seventeenth Princess. Such a pair made in heaven, what does Father think?”

As the Emperor heard this, he glanced quickly at the Crown Prince, his eyes twitching slightly.

He understood the meaning behind Chen Fei’s words. Such a talent was rare, a mere court official position was secondary, the best way is to tie his entire person in this country, to restrain his heart and intentions.

To do so, the undoubtedly best way is to tie him to the imperial family.

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    • Vivec says:

      Gotta go full Bakarina while she can!(at least when it comes to harem building. Liu Yue is too smart to make the mistake of allowing misunderstandings to stand for too long unless they’re beneficial to her.)

  1. midoriha says:

    lol—the emperor likes liu yue huh…the crown prince ain’t bad….except they tried to attack xuan yuan che’s country, which is unforgivable, ok!

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