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DOP Chapter 210 – Meeting an Old Friend (1)

Chapter 210 – Meeting an Old Friend (1)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

With shapely, angled brows, he was incomparably handsome.

The ministers and ruler of the Kingdom of Hou Jin had heard about this newly appointed Third-Ranked Military General for a long time, and that he had really good looks. But they did not suppose that upon seeing him with their own eyes, he was even better than what was rumoured about him.

Each one of them could not resist staring at the natural and unrestrained Liu Yue.

Looking down at the Liu Yue on the step below from his high position, the former whom stood exuding calmness and coldness, the Emperor of Hou Jin felt that the more he looked at him, the more he felt that he was good, and the more pleasing to the eye he seemed to be.

In this moment, his eyebrows twitched as he looked at Liu Yue and said, “Official Liu, I am unaware whether you have studied the art of war before? Are you well acquainted with the current situation of the seven kingdoms?”

“I am unable to, I do not know.” Liu Yue raised her head, looking at the Emperor and answering in a clean and sharp manner.

As she finished her words, a slight ripple immediately bubbled forth in the solemnly silent hall. Different ideas and notions flashed past the minds of the civil and military officials at once.

“Oh.” The Emperor looked at Liu Yue, raising his voice a little.

Liu Yue looked straight into the eyes of the Emperor, and upon seeing this, continued in a considerably direct manner. “Being someone from overseas, I do not know the situation, I will obey all as the imperial order commands.”

“Good.” As Liu Yue finished her last word, the Emperor immediately called out, nodding as he smiled widely at Liu Yue.

His eyes revealed praise, and it looked like he was extremely pleased.

The prime minister at the side swept a slight gaze across Liu Yue, and also nodded his head lightly.

The Kingdom of Hou Jin did not lack military generals or adept officials. Liu Yue’s skill in martial arts was already so high, that if she also knew the art of war, and understood the current military situation of the seven kingdoms, such an individual highly capable in both civil and military matters was a far too outstanding person, and would sooner or later be a potential danger, and one would not dare to put her in any important position.

However, if she was only highly adept in martial arts, and did not have much other strong points, and also harboured simple thoughts and intentions, such a person would definitely be very useful.

He would be like a sharp blade in their hands, only knowing how to kill their enemies, and will not bite the hand that fed him.

Not bad, not bad, this Liu Yue is an excellent choice to cultivate for their use.

The intentions of the people in the middle of the hall became evil at once.

The astute and circumspect ones like the prime minister and company revealed much praise in their gazes. On the other hand, some people’s gazes turned disdainful as they looked down on Liu Yue. Some others heaved a sigh of relief, as Liu Yue’s arrival seemed to pose no threat to them.

Without changing her facial expression, but having already noticed and understood the meaningful looks and glances around her, Liu Yue laughed coldly in her heart, though her face remained even.

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  1. Ryuutobi says:

    The plot to assassinate Che was orchestrated by a Hou Jin’s spy who somehow managed to become a high-ranked officer in Tian Chen.

  2. momosakura says:

    Thank you Yunichan for translatinf and editing this chapter!

    I guess she has weeded out who to “entertain” to out of all the officials she’d seen. Her time there will be interesting.

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