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DOP Chapter 209 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (12)

Chapter 209 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (12)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan


Now, as they spent their full strength in protection, naturally nobody could behave in such an unbridled manner.

In the splendid radiance of spring, hundreds of flowers bloomed after one another, and it was a massive meadow of glorious fragrance.

The journey was not lonely either. This Yun Zhao knew many things, and his knowledge was so widespread that it spanned the northern and southern tips of the large river, and across the ages of a thousand years, and there seemed to be no bounds to it.

In the midst of a journey filled with intellectual discourse, the twenty-odd days of travelling time flashed by in a blink of the eye.

Kingdom of Hou Jin’s capital, Yi Ya City.

Not as elaborate or magnificent as the Kingdom of Tian Chen, the Kingdom of Hou Jin’s capital oozed a form of dignified magnanimity, a type of grandeur that overlooked the entire continent’s southwest region.

Being a country amongst the seven kingdoms whose strength was merely second to the northern Overlord Ao Yun, and the eastern Kingdom of Xue Sheng, Hou Jin was was the lord of the entire southwest.

Hence, that imposing manner completely pervaded into its capital, which stood proudly looking down upon everything else.

The interior of the imperial palace was adorned in gold and jade in a glorious manner, towering and majestic in its stature.

The imperial palace’s main hall, Qian Qing Hall.

Eight white jade enormous pillars stood tall and arresting, embellished with wyverns spiraling with fangs bared and claws brandished, overspilling with its awe-inspiring overtone.

At this moment, the Kingdom of Hou Jin’s hundreds of civil and military officials spread out on two sides. On the highly elevated nine dragon throne, the Emperor of Hou Jin, clad in dark purple dragon robes, was positioned on his seat, his entire body emanating an intimidating aura.

On the lower steps, Liu Yue, as always clad in a body of moon-white robes, with the addition of a light red belt tied on her waist, knelt on a single knee in the middle of the hall.

“By the order of the heavens, by the will of the Emperor’s, the exceptionally skilled Liu Yue with political and military achievements that surpass most, with strategic talent and skill being first in this generation, and also serving the Kingdom of Hou Jin with a heart of loyalty and dedication that can be proven by the sun and the moon, is specially bestowed the title of Third-ranked High Military General, granted the privilege of coming before the Emperor and granted a High Military General Official Residence. That is all.”

The sharp voice announcing the decree resonated in the gloriously decorated main hall, and spread into the distance.

“Your servant receives the decree.” Her clear and distant voice ringing out, Liu Yue unhurriedly lifted her head and took the imperial decree from the smiling head court eunuch’s hands.

“Official Liu, please rise.” The Emperor of Hou Jin, with a face of formidable might and a valiant figure, looked at Liu Yue with a satisfied look on his face, and extended his hand.

Rarely did he meet such an expert without any background and with just and honest intentions. It was practically exceptionally good fortune, how could he not like it.

“Thank you Your Highness.” Liu Yue bowed slightly. With her head bent down, a hint of a cold smile flashed across the corner of her mouth.

She as Tian Chen’s Concubine Yi, has now become a Third-ranked official in the Kingdom of Hou Jin. Hehe, this was really a case of the reversal of the wheel of fortune.

Whatever that was owed to her, must be returned to her. This time, she has returned in a confident manner, to become a serving court official of the Kingdom of Hou Jin.

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