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DOP Chapter 207 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (10)

Chapter 207 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

He didn’t know when he became so indecisive.

The moon was high up in the sky full of twinkling stars.

As she entered her room, Liu Yue looked down towards the stain on her robe that had started showing signs of corruption. She then slowly raised her head and looked towards the back garden.

It was a colourless and odorless poison, one of the most potent poison in this world. The victim who had consumed it would immediately die a violent death, there wouldn’t be a possibility to cure it.

It was not a poison that an ordinary person could get, and it was also not a poison that anyone could possess.

She had initially thought Yun Zhao would make his move at this last moment. Otherwise, when she go to the Hou Jin Kingdom’s capital, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to anymore.

She had also been waiting for Yun Zhao to make his move, only then would she have the most important evidence and a definite intention.

It was just that unexpectedly, he stopped right at the last moment and spilled the poison over, giving up in poisoning her.

She frowned her brows as Liu Yue looked away from the back garden. What was this Yun Zhao thinking? Why did he let go of this good opportunity? This person was simply an unfathomable mystery.

The stars in the sky shone brightly upon the different moods inside and outside the inn.

The next morning, Liu Yue had already at one point of time left somewhere in the morning, and had returned back at a certain point of time. Du Yi who looked mysterious and full of secrets, had risen and was walking down to to the first floor.

As he made his way downstairs, he thought that the Yi Shui City Lord and the guards of the middle-aged person should be arriving soon. Today was the day that they would journey to the Hou Jin Kingdom Capital.

Stepping across the steps, downstairs, a man wearing a water-blue long robe suddenly approached Liu Yue at a quick speed.

Liu Yue saw the approaching figure and slowly raised her brows. What does this Yun Zhao wants?

Du Yi who was on her side did not feel Yun Zhao’s killing intent at all, hence he stayed at Liu Yue’s side and did not move at all.

Quickly approaching Liu Yue, Yun Zhao raised his head and looked at Liu Yue as he said, “Brother, I want to follow you along. Anyway I can go anywhere to sightsee, and the Hou Jin Kingdom’s Capital looks fun. I couldn’t bear to part with you, brother,”

That brightly shining smiling face was almost putting blooming flowers to shame. But seems like in Liu Yue’s eyes, it wasn’t the case at all.

Glaring at the face in front of her, Liu Yue raised her eyebrows up high and a smile that didn’t look like a smile appeared on her face. She looked towards Yun Zhao and spoke.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you—-!
    as expected of liu yue, she had indeed suspected yun zhao. well, she is the top assassin! however, that cliffhanger! what did she say—–?
    my otp…i think it’ll be like….quite a number of chapters until i see them again…-sobs-

  2. silvrskye says:

    Liu Yue definitely have an innate harem protagonist skill. she already got che’er, bag du gu ye and now yun zhao

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