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DOP Chapter 202 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (5)

Chapter 202 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (5)
Translated by: Rysbow
Edited by: editAS
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“The world’s number one”, these four, short, words caused the roar from the audience to be like a stream gushing into the ocean, which eventually become a prairie fire, winding up into the sky.

Liu Yue’s figure shimmered as she stood coldly on top of the stage under the blue sky and white clouds, and glittering light. She did not raise her weapon, neither was she jumping with excitement. Instead, she stood like a proud winner. There was only a proud aura of “I-am-born-to-be-the-world’s-number-one” coming out from her, as if it was her birthright.

However, there was nothing wrong with this. Nobody felt that it was inappropriate and thought that she was supposed to be this way.

The qualification to be arrogant was not something that she was lacking.

In the VIP booth, Yi Shui city’s mayor was overjoyed. He smiled and stood up slowly as Liu Yue looked over at him.

With both hands raised, Yi Shui city’s mayor boomed, “I hereby declare Liu Yue is the world’s number one!”

“Woaahhhhhh!” Deafening cheers exploded from the crowd. The audience became loud and excited.

As the crowd cheered and clapped, Yi Shui’s mayor and the silent man who sat next to him, marched up to the stage.

“Great, Liu Yue, Great! Today, Liu Yue is the winner of this symposium. As for the reward, you will receive the title as a general of Hou Jin kingdom. Tomorrow, you will return with me to the capital, to see the king and to receive your reward.” The middle-aged man looked at Liu Yue, his face blooming with happiness.

“General Liu, haha, we are all a family now. Come on, come on. The prize for the winner, the Blood Toad; please keep it safe.”

Yi Shui’s mayor held a jade box. He looked at Liu Yue with a broad grin across his face.

San Ping General, the lowest rank in Hou Jin kingdom is at least a a Du Tong.
(Shiro: Ancient Chinese ranking system, equivalent to Earl/Count…i guess? I don’t know how to translate this to english)

Liu Yue tossed away the pipa in her hand and took the Blood Toad that was presented to her. She looked closely at it, and then let out a slight smile. This Blood Toad was authentic. She would give this to Xuan Yuan Che when he returned.

Liu Yue, who had remained cold the entire time, was letting out a smile at this very moment. Seeing this, the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes and their cheers continued to increase.

The swarming crowd went out of control and started pushing towards the stage, towards Liu Yue.

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