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DOP Chapter 201 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (4)

Chapter 201 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (4)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: editAS
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“Excellent, beautiful.” That middle-aged person who was sitting on the VIP seat was immediately full of praises upon seeing this. He patted his hands lightly on his chest, while his face showed his elation.

On the other hand, the rest of the people sitting on the VIP seats were deep in their thoughts with a cast of dark clouds over their faces.

“Ambushed From All Ten Sides” was nearing the end, trapping the audience’s in a trance as the music entered into an important part.

Her eyes flashing with bloodthirst, Liu Yue’s right hand strummed at the pipa quickly. That speed simply struck the surrounding people speechless.

They couldn’t even see the shadow of her fingers moving. They could only see a blurred movement and the pipa string that continued to vibrate.

So pipa could be played this way, could be played with such a quick speed.

The surrounding people were all dumbstruck.

“Peng peng peng.” Three extremely high notes suddenly broke through the air, right to the sky above. The song “Ambushed From All Ten Sides” was finally done playing.

As the song resonates, the audience’s hearts palpitated harder. The atmosphere was almost choking.

Liu Yue slowly pressed onto the continuously vibrating pipa strings, stopping them, and stood coldly in the middle of the stage. An aura of killing intent enveloped her as the wind blew on her ashen robes.

The last man with a big build who was the last one standing on the arena slowly collapsed in the midst of the dissipating music.

A light breeze blew and the man’s clothes suddenly tore open, his cloth pieces blown away by the wind.

And amidst these torn pieces of cloths, countless scars formed on his body. Blood spread out, blooming like a flower on the arena stage underneath his body.

Everything came to an end with a short song of “Ambushed From All Ten Sides”, and an unseen martial art skill.

The golden rays of sunlight shone down upon Liu Yue, making her look like a goddess who had just descended from heaven, although she originally looked ashen and disheveled. She looked extremely majestic, handsome without compare.

Her cold gaze swept across the bodies of the three men who had collapsed, and Liu Yue humphed indifferently before she slowly raised her head and looked towards the Jin Shui City Lord who was sitting on the VIP seats.

“World’s number one, brother Liu, World’s number one…” Amidst the dumbstruck audience, Yun Zhao was the first one to react. He immediately raised his hands and waved the broken zither in his hands, jumping with excitement beside the arena as he continued to cheer.

“The world’s number one….” In just a moment, everyone who was dumbstruck by the sound of Liu Yue’s music just now came back to their senses and immediately cheered. A deafening roar suddenly resounded through the arena.

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