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DOP Chapter 200 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (3)

Chapter 200 – Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (3)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The colour of the faces of the three people on the arena changed drastically. As the sword in their hands waved about, only the sounds of clashing of sharp swords could be heard, filling the whole arena.

The three people’s swords danced non-stop as they tried to push forward, but unfortunately their feet kept being pushed backwards, step by step.

That invisible Wind Blades, although invisible, was filled with a strength that wouldn’t lose to any kind of physical weapons. In fact, it was even quicker and more artful.

It was practically impossible to guard against.

A flash of killing intent crossed Liu Yue’s eyes as she suddenly grabbed a few strings from the pipa and turned around to face one of the three people. She then pulled the strings violently, her five fingers shooting out quickly.

Only a thundering sound could be heard as the skinny man facing against Liu Yue’s strings that were pulled by her five fingers violently threw up a mouthful of blood. The sword in his hand broke into several pieces and fell to the ground.

His body staggered a few steps backwards and the few bloody scars on his chest suddenly appeared, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

The skinny man’s face twitched a few times before falling backwards to his back.

It was one attack. It was just one attack unleashed in a split second.

Liu Yue didn’t even look at the falling skinny man, she immediately turned around and slid her fingers on her pipa again, sending a flurry of swift Wind Blades towards the other two men whose face had already paled as death.

The original pipa song, “Ambush From Ten Sides” was indeed one of the songs of the best quality.

A thick swirl of killing intent, heavy and potent, filled the whole place.

Sword Qis rustled in the air, ambushing the whole space between the sky and the earth.

The intense pipa sound broke through the sky, filled with intensity.

Even some of the surrounding audience had started to seethe with excitement. Their faces were red, eyes round and fists clenched tight; they look like they had almost wanted to charge into the arena.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, passionate cheers resounded in all directions.

With a slide of her five fingers, Liu Yue moved her feet and turned around, and in an instant, she had already appeared behind the two people. She plucked the strings on her fingers, and produced just a single note.

A high-pitched melody almost split the sky apart.

Right at this moment, the man who had not had time to turn around, and whose back was still turned against Liu Yue, spread his hands out and fell to the front.

On his back, a bloody scar appeared, slowly oozing blood out.

“Good, excellent…” The surrounding audience immediately cheered out, their voices almost reaching out to the sky.

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