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DOP Chapter 195 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (10)

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Chapter 195 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Jin Shui City Governor nodded his head, “Everyone was killed. He didn’t let anyone go nor joined with any sides. He killed everyone without holding back at all, his killing methods ruthless and merciless. It looks like he really wasn’t that person’s spy.”

The middle-aged person immediately stood upright in a swift movement when he heard that. The person’s expressions looked serious as he said, “Pass down my orders immediately. We, the Hou Jin Kingdom will protect this person with all our strength. Liu Yue is a rare treasure who was actually not in cahoots with other powers. If our Hou Jin Kingdom succeeded in obtaining him, it would really be a great fortune to us!”

“Yes, it would indeed be a great fortune. Although we held this tournament with a different purpose in the beginning, it is really heaven’s blessings to our Hou Jin Kingdom to be able to find such a talent.” Jin Shui City’s Lord hurriedly stood up too as he spouted pleasantries with an excited expression and walked towards the door with wide steps at the same time.

“Such a talent; We must never let him be destroyed by the others.” The middle-aged person also followed outside quickly.

They had initially thought that Liu Yue was definitely a spy from another powerful entity, hence they had stood on the sidelines when Liu Yue was attacked. They never thought that Liu Yue was actually not under anyone’s orders at all, that she was a pure, uninfluenced, talented martial arts expert. If their Hou Jin Kingdom still did not put an effort to help him, then they were really asking too much.

The first rays of bright morning sunlight broke through from the edges of the dark skies, illuminating the earth.

A new day had started.

There was no one. The siege that happened suddenly yesterday night, and the bodies of the people who were killed by the merciless Liu Yue, seemed to have all disappeared without a trace into thin air. There wasn’t any evidences left at all; they were completely nowhere to be found.

They didn’t leave Jin Shui City, and there were also no news about them dying. They were simply missing, every single one of them was suddenly missing.

The different powers immediately started to move. Every single powers in Jin Shui City started to search for the missing people in secret.

Some of them were anxious, some were elated, and some were expressionless. The heavy undercurrent of turmoil surged through the bright, spring morning sun.

While the city was engulfed in this turmoil, Liu Yue was entrapped in the forest on the outskirts of Jin Shui City. She couldn’t escape no matter what she did.

She couldn’t comprehend this weird Eight Trigrams. No matter how she walked, be it straight, turning, backwards or vertically, she couldn’t find the edge of the forest. She had also chopped off a lot of trees, but she still couldn’t find a way out. Instead, she felt that there were even more trees than ever before. Liu Yue was a hair’s breadth away from burning the whole forest away.

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