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DOP Chapter 190 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (5)

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Chapter 190 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (5)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

But there was nothing here. Towards such an environment that neither showed the presence of people nor traps, she was not a God who would think that this place was not a place that she could go to.

The sounds of flowing water ahead travelled into her ear. It sounded quiet and remote as it continued to trickle down.

It seems that she had all along been wandering about in the same area. But the sound of the water trickling down had all along sounded from in front of her. What the heck is this place?

Frowning slightly, Liu Yue’s lashed out her zither’s strings. A long scar appeared on the Paulownia tree trunk. Liu Yue once again walked forward.

Following the direction of the water flow, Liu Yue become more alert.

Walking in a straight line, the sound of trickling water did not change at all, there was almost zero inaccuracy in bearings where the sound came from. Liu Yue also identified the general position of the stream, and advanced in that direction, without meandering from her course at all.

However, when Liu Yue once again stood in front of the Paulownia tree which she marked earlier, Liu Yue’s frown deepened.

What the hell is this place?

A maze, a forest maze?

Nope, there was no miasma here. No odd phenomena which that was unnatural to her, which would mislead people’s sense of direction.

Liu Yue had been to the Bermuda triangle and the Egyptian pyramids, and even the depths of tropical swarms and jungles.

She knew that under certain circumstances, there were places where would naturally produce strange phenomena that tended to mislead and numb humans’ directional senses. For instance, miasma would induce dizziness in humans, which would in turn befuddle their sense of direction.

Another example was the Bermuda Triangle. There was a huge untapped reserve of energy in the depths of the sea which would mislead compasses and locational devices, resulting in their inaccuracy in direction pointing.

As for the Egyptian pyramids, they had incorporated a type of perfect, exquisite calculation method that surpassed modern notions of mathematics, creating completely unimaginable astronomical positions and strange corridors.

Strange corridors, Liu Yue’s brows creased, she understood now.

If it was not natural, then it can only be a creation of mankind. This maze was set up by somebody. She had neither studied any ancient China’s philosophy of the Eight Trigams nor did she have any knowledge relating disposition of forces.
(Yunichan: Eight trigrams are used in Daoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality)

However, this did not mean that she did not know of the ancient art of divination.

A slight breeze arose, and the sound of light footsteps came from afar.

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