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DOP Chapter 189 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (4)

Chapter 189 – Killing Through a Tight Siege (4)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The drops of blood on her robe that looked like blooming red plum flowers did not give her a ruthless or murderous impression, but instead further enhanced her handsome features.

Her indifferent face did not show any kind of unnecessary expressions. It was simply too easy for her to throw off those people chasing after her, in an attempt to kill her.

In this world, good martial arts skills or light body technique were not necessarily needed to be undefeatable in the entire world. As for chasing and dodging skills, if she, Liu Yue said that she was second, nobody would dare to claim first.

In her previous life when she was hired as mercenary, she once blew up the governor-general’s official residence of Country T with one explosion and killed that year’s governor-general incumbent. As a result, she was hunted down to be killed in their territory for one entire month.

Using whatever advanced tactics she could, didn’t she still manage to escape from their territory unscathed and intact? In the end, she was still able to spend her days in leisure.

In this era of crude weapons, with no technologically advanced devices or weapons available, what could only be relied on is none other than people. To hide herself from the views of others was simply no effort at all.

The moonlit night was quiet and secluded, only the rustling sounds of tree leaves was present.

No murderous aura was present in the quiet forest. There was no signs of any human being at all. It was very silent, and very peaceful.

Liu Yue strolled slowly. The sound of water came from ahead, she should be reaching soon. Busying herself for an entire night had made her very thirsty.

Liu Yue meandered in a zigzag path across the forest.

The moonlight was starting to slant from the direction of the west.

Liu Yue’s steps stopped in front of a large tree. Liu Yue looked at the Paulownia tree in front her her, a cold air suddenly arose towards her eyebrows. She frowned.

Something was amiss. She had just seen this tree.

Studying the Paulownia tree in front of her, Liu Yue’s facial expression turned cold in an instant. She was very sure that she had seen that tree before, she had just walked past here.

The cluster of trees were as overgrown as a thicket. Liu Yue actually did not have a photographic memory. She was just careful and observant of her surroundings. Even if she thought that there was no threat, it was already an instinctive reaction to her.

Raising her head to look at her surroundings, Paulownia trees were all around her. They blocked her line of vision, and there was nothing to suggest that there was anything unusual.

No traps, no murderous intent, no danger, there was nothing at all, it was as if this was only a normal forest.

Upon seeing this, Liu Yue’s brows furrowed. It was precisely because there was no murderous aura or traps which led her to step into the forest without thinking too much. She was extremely sensitive to killing intents and the smell of traps. As long as they existed, she would have realised there was something wrong early on.

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