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DOP Chapter 188 – Killing Through a Tight Siege(3)

Chapter 188 – Killing Through a Tight Siege(3)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: editAS
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The two generals on both sides of Liu Yue, left and right, collapsed backwards onto the ground with a bang.

A bloody scar had been cut horizontally across the location of their heart. It was a fatal injury.

Their swords were revealed following their toppling figures. Liu Yue’s body had four more holes in her clothes that were created from the blades of each of the leader’s swords. But they did not manage to penetrate even her skin.

A millimeter of difference had resulted in a loss that spanned a thousand miles.

Liu Yue was simply too precise and skilled at calculating the amount of strength and location of attacks with weapons.

Under the quiet and cold moonlit night, the surrounding black figures stopped their attacks and each one of them was frozen to the ground. They looked as if they had seen something that was completely beyond their imagination, so much beyond their wildest dreams that at that moment, nobody managed to recover from their shock.

Liu Yue stepped forward with a cold face filled with arrogance.

The black-clad leader beyond her, holding his long sword, toppled forward with a bang. The small cut across his chest had already spread into a freshly blossoming red-coloured flower.

Her moon white thin robe had a slight blood trace oozing out.

That was caused by herself stepping backwards, accidentally pressing herself onto the sharp blade of the black clad leader’s sword. However the small injury was so insignificant that it could be ignored.

With the moon high in the sky, moonlight shone down upon the scene below. Everything had ended.

It was so fast that nobody could tell what she did or how she did it.

The music of the zither sounding, wind blades dancing in mid-air, Liu Yue’s legs moved in one instant, immediately concealing her into the darkness.

Hearing the zither music, the people in the darkness then recovered themselves, while being shocked beyond imagination. They immediately gave chase as fast as lightning.

If they could not acquire her, they would not hesitate to destroy her, this was their task for tonight.

It was a task that must be completed no matter whoever died, even if only a handful of them were left.

The cold luminous moonlight waxed and waned.

Black shadows moved in the darkness.

In a blink of an eye, the moon had already set.

The forest in the outskirts of Yin Shui Town.

The tree tops made soft sounds as they danced lightly in the slight wind. The wind of early spring was so fresh that it lifted people’s spirits. The ‘ding dong’ sound of river water can be heard, the moist breath of the river wind came through from the distance.

In the forest, Liu Yue held her zither and strolled slowly towards the direction of the river. Entirely clad in moon white, she looked unhurried and composed in the night.

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