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DOP Chapter 186 – Killing Through a Tight Siege(1)

Chapter 186 – Killing Through a Tight Siege(1)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

The cold moonlight shone down upon the moment between life and death.

Liu Yue’s cold eyes suddenly flickered, emitting a huge wave of killing intent. Her eyes weren’t cold and unfeeling anymore, instead, they were exploding with murderous intent, the kind that gives out the taste of certain death.

It was the kind of deadly killing intent that could only be found within Mu Rong Liu Yue.

The four people who were charging towards her in mid-air were immediately alarmed. Her killing intent was so ruthless, so bloodthirsty.

Lifting the zither in one movement, Liu Yue broke her zither strings with one finger, flipped her hand and grabbed the strings. Without even looking, she immediately aimed for one of the four leaders, the one wearing black who was standing behind her.

The black-clad leader’s sword cutting through the air briefly brushed past Liu Yue’s strings that were as sharp as sword blades, the encounter as fast as a meteor on fire.

Liu Yue’s zither strings slid past the surface of the sword and before his sword could touch her back, the zither string had already penetrated deep right into the black-clad soldier’s chest.

With a flash of her white robe, streaks of blood as thin as those zither strings burst open out of his chest. The zither string as fine as a hair strand was already starting to retreat.

There wasn’t any splashing of blood. Under that soldier’s black coloured clothes, almost nothing could be seen.

But the black-clad soldier’s eyes suddenly froze, wide-eyed.

Not even looking back at the black-clad soldier behind her, Liu Yue pulled back her zither string. With a tug of her fingers, the zither string flew across the air towards her.

But as she pulled the string, she bent her body backwards to a 90 degree angle.

The sword behind her was still in the air, the pouncing figure of the black clad soldier still remained unchanged. With this, it was as if Liu Yue delivered herself to the sharp end of the sword.

The eyes of the three surrounding people charging towards her immediately lighted up. This Liu Yue was indeed seeking death.

Three sharp blades flew towards her instantly.

In a lightning fast moment.

They could only watch as a streak of silver light flashed across the dark night, so fast that almost no one had seen it coming.

And at the same moment, Liu Yue had already bent onto the tip of the sword of the black-clad soldier behind her, her body almost retreated into his embrace as he landed on the ground.

And in front of her, the three leaders had already charged towards her, their blades flickering with menace, landing onto the ground.

Silver light flashed, and the four were level with one another.

Flying dust settled down.

Everything happened in an instant. Before the surrounding people could grasp clearly what had happened, everything had ended.

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    Action—– sequence—–! OTP, reunite soon, please! I wonder how many more chapters of the absence of the OTP there are…-sobs-

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