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DOP Chapter 185 – Attacked on All Sides (12)

Chapter 185 – Attacked on All Sides (12)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Under this sky, no one had ever had the guts to fight against so many forces altogether at one time. This Liu Yue’s arrogance was really higher than the skies; they really wanted to crush that confidence of hers completely.

With a ruthless wave of their hands, everyone hiding still under the dark night moved all at once.

Since they couldn’t acquire her, they must destroy her.

They would never let any kingdom acquire such a skilled and talented person like her, definitely never.

All four sides that were originally at odds with each other in a deadlock turned against Liu Yue altogether at the same time, settling on her as their point of attack.

The night grew darker and heavier.

Her body sharp like a sword, Liu Yue dashed forward without yielding or avoiding their attacks.

Her five fingers danced quickly across her zither, making broken zither tones that did not resemble any kind of song at all. The tunes blended together, coarse and rough, without any musical sense at all.

However, every single string plucked immediately caused fresh blood spewing in all directions.

No one could withstand the Wind Blades that came at them fast as lightning. No one knew where the next Wind Blade would shoot towards to. No one had ever seen Liu Yue’s movements that were fast like a ghost’s.

A soldier had clearly reached her from the side, but in the next moment, with a swift movement of her legs, she had already moved to his back.

A blade had obviously been swung towards her, but in the next moment, the blade had struck into someone from their side instead.

No, she wasn’t quick. She was definitely not faster than any of them. But her movements were unpredictable; her path in breaking through their formation was so weird that it was simply beyond their imagination.

The sharp sound of the zither penetrated through the dark night as invisible Wind Blades cut through every single thing like a sharp sword.

Liu Yue stepped on the people who tried to block her, and swept away everyone in front of her who tried to restrain her from leaving.

In the midst of zither tunes, her moon-white robe was splashed with drops of fresh blood, making it look like red plum flowers amongst the white snow during winter, blooming enchantingly.

Her feet moved continuously as her black hair swung in the wind. Her beauty was like the Moon Goddess’s, cold and icy. She had an aura of coldness that had an iron-hard determination behind it.

Seeing all of that beauty, who would even dare to touch her?

Watching all these, a flicker of killing intent flashed on each of the the four leaders’ eyes. The four sides who had not planned anything beforehand immediately joined together to surround Liu Yue in an attempt to murder her.

Such a powerful person’s life must never be spared.

The night wind shifted. It was icy cold despite it being early spring.

Dark shadows danced under the moonlight, filled with killing intent.

Those four leaders’ attacks could not be an ordinary one. Before their sharp sword even reached Liu Yue’s body, the sharp sound of their sword swing pierced through the air.

Intense strength flew towards Liu Yue from all four directions. They were incomparable; the air surrounding them froze in an instant.

The leader of the four sides attacked together, leaving no gaps in between them.

There would only be one outcome for Liu Yue, who was surrounded right in the middle of the attack: Death.

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    When’s my OTO reuniting—?-runs off sobbing-

  2. amir says:

    thanks a lot. but i would appriciate if you will make another vote about how many chapter should be released from each project. I personally think that you should focus only on LLS.

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