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DOP Chapter 184 – Attacked on All Sides (11)

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Chapter 184 – Attacked on All Sides (11)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The bright moon shone brilliantly up above, clearly illuminating the whole scene down below.

Liu Yue stood in the middle of the road alone, surrounded by dark, potent shadows of the night.

The night was silent, so silent that it was beyond terrifying.

In the surrounding darkness of the night, the lowered breathing sounds started getting heavier. It was such a pressurizing atmosphere that it was choking just to be there.

As long as Liu Yue agreed to join one side, the other three sides would definitely do whatever they could to kill her. And that one side that Liu Yue had chosen, would do whatever they could to protect her.

Kill or protect, it was decided with Liu Yue’s one word.

Enemies or friends, the change would be in an instant.

The people who were hiding in the darkness of the night held their weapons tightly. No matter what Liu Yue’s answer was, it would be a fight to death for them.

They waited with bated breaths, prepared to stake their lives as they waited for the decision that would decide if they would be joining the other two sides in massacring the chosen side or be the one slaughtered on the one-against-three side.

That kind of situation was simply too intense; to the point that even trained experts couldn’t help but breathe heavily with passing time.

A bloodthirsty smile slowly bloomed upon Liu Yue’s magnificently beautiful face, her smile both enchanting and alluring at the same time.

The surrounding breaths started to get heavier. The answer would be revealed soon.

The night was peaceful, yet the killing intents were so thick in the air that it was almost unbearable.

Every single person grasped their weapons tighter than ever.

Under the night, a robe white as the full moon shining above slowly fluttered in the wind, emitting an aura as cold as the North Pole.

The corners of her mouth curled upwards coldly as Liu Yue locked her five fingers on her zither. A savage look flashed across her expression as she raised her eyebrows and looked towards the people in front of her. With the arrogance of a king, she proclaimed, “I, Liu Yue, will not submit to anyone’s threats.”

Before her cold and arrogant words drifted through the night, Liu Yue launched her attacks.

Her moon-white robe looked like a white meteor in the dark night as she dashed towards the front.

Zither tones resounded as sharp Wind Blades shot out continuously, fast as lightning, in all directions. The sombre tune emitted a thick killing intent in the dark night.

The killing intent was potent and malevolent.

Her actions made the expressions of the four people guarding at each of the four sides fall. Well done, Liu Yue. Such arrogance, she rejected their favours and chose to break through them instead. Didn’t this mean she had never even cared about them in the first place?

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  1. lordcattank says:

    hahahhahaa kill everyone let the blood flow like rivers , let the corpses pile like mountains , let death permeate the air . thank you very much for the chapter

  2. AnonyIchi says:

    If I were her, I would say that I would go to the last one standing among the four of them then kill the one that will remain. Less work…

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