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DOP Chapter 183 – Attacked on All Sides (10)

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Chapter 183 – Attacked on All Sides (10)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Liu Yue’s bright eyes turned slightly, her five fingers locking in on her zither strings. However, her expressions did not change at all.

“Brother Liu, please wait before replying.” Just as Liu Yue was fastening her fingers on her zither, a heavy sound resounded from behind her.

A middle-aged man wearing a blue robe and a mask to hide his appearance walked towards her and greeted, “My master had also requested for Brother Liu’s presence. My master had said that he would give Brother Liu anything you requested as long as they are within my master’s capabilities. Whatever Brother Liu wants, it will be yours.”

His heavy and thick voice sounded very sincere.

Liu Yue didn’t turn around, still standing coldly at her original place. Only her head glanced slightly to the left.

“My master also wanted to invite Brother Liu to our residence. With regards to the conditions, there’s nothing much to say; as long as it is within our capabilities, we will bestow it to you.”

At Liu Yue’s left, a sharp voice resounded. A tall and thin man walked out as he proclaimed his offer slowly.

As he finished his words, another voice resounded from the opposite side.

“You really have to think about it more, Brother Liu. I wouldn’t repeat the same thing the others had said, but I would just like to say a few words to you. Joining hands with someone too powerful might not be good for you. Although some of the powers here are influential and strong, their foundation might be complicated and messy. Without a good foundation, it would be difficult for you to climb up the ladder and attain a high position.

Whoever Brother Liu chooses, it is not within our control. But we would like Brother Liu to think clearly and choose someone that will be suitable for you to grow, rather than choosing someone powerful that will give you rich rewards.

I have finished my advice. Brother Liu, please consider this carefully.”

Saying all these in a mild, warm words, a man wearing metallic clothes appeared and stood at Liu Yue’s right.

Four people, four powers standing on each of the four sides of Liu Yue. They were indistinctly working together to surround Liu Yue in the middle.

Liu Yue swept a cold glance across the four people. Behind them, there were hundreds of breathing sounds, hidden in the darkness of the night. There were many people that were standing guard behind these four men, ready to protect them.

No one spoke a word as the four men fixed their gazes on Liu Yue, waiting for her to reply.

Liu Yue stood still coldly, her eyes glancing across all four directions. Her mouth suddenly curled up into a smile, a very mild smile, so mild that others were not able to discern the meaning behind that smile.

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  1. deadlybell says:

    idiots like she needs power lol….. even if she didnt have the background that she has masters of her level have little need for worldly possessions even more so in a older time that has no technology all she needs she can easily get herself with little issues

  2. midoriha says:

    Thank you very much!
    Having multiple chapters is so awesome! Lol, she was ‘cornered’, so to speak. …not that she’ll have difficulty escaping, though.

  3. ekekee says:

    This is interesting…she might kill them all with help from her subordinates or let them fight for her favor…don’t think they’ll let her walk away without choosing any side…

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