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DOP Chapter 182 – Attacked on All Sides (9)

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Chapter 182 – Attacked on All Sides (9)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Gurgling some unintelligible voices from his throat, the old man looked up and saw the person standing in front of him. It was Du Yi, the servant who always followed Liu Yue along, the servant who never revealed his martial art skills to anyone.

Du Yi pulled out the dagger expressionlessly before turning around and walked towards the other direction. No one from this place would be able to escape from him.

Behind him, the old man’s gurgling stopped as he collapsed onto the ground.

Darkness filled the night. The whole of Du Residence was drenched in blood, the smell of death reeking everywhere.

When Yun Zhao finally caught up, he was greeted with a ground full of dead bodies. Every single black-clad men had fallen on the ground. Crimson red blood permeated into the lush grasses, making it looked a dark colour of green.

The whole ground was filled with corpses, not a single one was alive.

And Liu Yue had already disappeared to another place.

Raising his brows, Yun Zhao snapped his fan on his palm. The Du Residence, or otherwise known as the Chen Kingdom’s base in Hou Jin Kingdom, had been totally annihilated by Liu Yue.

Liu Yue had not left an ounce of sympathy in her wake, disposing her enemies so ruthlessly, making others tremble with fear. But this also make others want to obtain his strength. Such a powerful and skilled person, Liu Yue was indeed a captivating target to acquire.

The moon shone brightly, sprinkling its radiance onto the ground, beautiful and tranquil.

Holding the zither in her hands, Liu Yue looked at the road in front of the tower opposite the residence. There was another three black-clad people there.

Seemed like she had many opportunities to dispel the anger in her heart tonight. She had just wiped off the Du Residence, yet another bunch of black-clad people appeared. Humph.

Locking her five finger on the zither strings, Liu Yue’s face was cold like a block of ice.

“Mr. Liu, my Master would like to meet you.” The leader of the black-clad people spoke out, cultured and refined like a gentleman. He advanced forward and made a small bow towards Liu Yue.

He didn’t wait for Liu Yue to reply and continued, “Please do not reject our invitation first. My Master looked favourably at Mr. Liu. Whatever wealth and power that Hou Jin Kingdom can give you, we can give it to you too. Why don’t you think about it first?”

These people were a little better in negotiating than the previous bunch. They had used the carrot and stick method perfectly. However, his offer was not anything interesting or special.

Hearing this, Liu Yue swept a cold glance to the black-clad person in front of her, her ears on alert.

The sound of wind rustled in her ears as the night wind blew softly. There were sounds of breathing inside the tower. Lots of them.

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    Thanks!Hm, to attract liu yue, you must first attract xuan yuan che. Nothing else could move her. But, eh, they don’t know that!

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