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DOP Chapter 181 – Attacked on All Sides (8)

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Chapter 181 – Attacked on All Sides (8)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Hearing this, the old man’s expressions darkened like the colour of muddy water, “Damn him! Is he that strong? Servants! I want everyone to be mobilized now, we have to kill that person tonig…”

“Thinking of killing me? Sure, I’ll serve myself on the silver platter right now. Let’s see if you have the skill to kill me.” Before the old man’s words were even done, an extremely cold voice broke through the silent night, carrying a sinister tone of fury in its wake.

The old man’s expressions immediately changed as he stood up in one swift movement.

The black-clad intruder who was kneeling before him was also shocked speechless. He had definitely shaken him off, how could Liu Yue still chased him all the way here?

Without giving them the time to question or be surprised, a sombre zither tune rung out in the Du Residence.

It wasn’t a melody. Only a single tune was shot.

It wasn’t a lullaby nor a deadly music, it was simply a killing machine. A killing machine that could kill with one shot.

With a single pluck of her finger, a single Wind Blade shot out.

Taking people’s life in a swift movement, Liu Yue’s plucking fingers denied everyone of their lives.

Liu Yue held her zither on her left hand and played it with her right. Her hands moved quickly across the zither, shooting a continuous stream of Wind Blades all around. The black-clad forces who kept coming from all directions collapsed on the ground one by one.

Thinking of killing her? In that case, she would kill them first.

Blood spewed in all directions, filling the ground with death.

Seeing this, the old man’s face twisted wildly. In the darkness of the night, Liu Yue, who was wearing her white robe, stepped forward on the bloody ground, so beautiful and dignified. However, in that deadly beauty, her movements were ruthless and cold blooded, sparing none in her stride.

“Quick, quick, kill him, kill him!” His face twisting in fear, the old man shouted panickedly as he retreated backwards in lightning speed.

Since he couldn’t control such a strong person, then he must destroy him.

If he let him enter the Palace Halls of Hou Jin Kingdom, then Hou Jin Kingdom’s strength will…

Though he was thinking of this in his heart, his feet was running quickly towards the back door.

Liu Yue looked like she had not seen him running away, allowing him to retreat through the back door.

“Pu.” Suddenly, a sombre sound resounded. It was the sound of a dagger digging into a person’s flesh.

Just as he took a step out through the back door, the old man’s foot stopped on it’s tracks. Raising his head, a dagger had settled deep into his chest, right to its hilt.

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