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DOP Chapter 180 – Attacked on All Sides (7)

Chapter 180 – Attacked on All Sides (7)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The Inn’s owner hid below his bed all curled up, cowering and trembling in fear.

At the beginning he thought he had gotten a rich, VIP guest, but who would ever thought that this guest was a killing machine? Oh God, if the guest continued to stay at his Inn, wouldn’t his life be at stake?

“Bam.” another sound rung out. One black-clad intruder flew across the courtyard as if he had received a heavy blow to his stomach, landing on the Paulwonia tree on the courtyard outside.

At the same time, black-clad intruders from the right, left and back of Liu Yue vomited blood violently before collapsing to the ground.

Drops of blood stained the ground, making it a dark shade of green.

With one move, four were dead while three injured.

Yun Zhao sat on the stone chair holding his fan, his brows raised in surprise.

Seeing that Liu Yue killed four people with just one move, the leader of the black-clad intruders immediately sounded a whistle and turned around, diving into the darkness.

At the same time, something flew towards Liu Yue, fast as lightning.

Poison grenade! At that time during the Hunting event after Tian Chen Emperor’s birthday, it was these poison grenades that forced Xuan Yuan Che and her down the cliff.

A flash of violent killing intent immediately crossed Liu Yue’s eyes. Her body flashed forward, not caring for the poison grenade at all, as she leaped high up into the sky, chasing after the black-clad intruder who had disappeared into the darkness.

“Bam.” The poison grenade exploded and filled the whole courtyard with poison gas.

Yun Zhao, who was sitting down, immediately covered his nose and mouth and followed Liu Yue quickly.

White smoke permeated the empty space. Du Yi, who didn’t appear at all during the whole scene, suddenly appeared from the darkness, his eyes ice cold. His figure also disappeared into the darkness, following after Liu Yue.

Darting through roads and alleys, Liu Yue chased after the black-clad intruder violently.

She didn’t know Light Body Technique, but she had sharp and acute senses. Even if it was Xuan Yuan Che, she wouldn’t lose track of his presence when she was chasing after him. This mere black-clad intruder didn’t even stand a chance.

The black-clad intruder had already disappeared into the darkness, vanishing completely.

However, Liu Yue definitely chased after him in the right direction.

Her beautiful moon-white figure glided through the darkness. If someone had seen this scene, they would have thought that she was a ghost.

The East Street of Yi Shui City, Du Residence.

“Have you attacked him? What’s the result?” Inside the main hall of the Du Residence, an old manwith a head full of white hair spoke to the black-clad intruder, whose body was full of injuries.

“He killed four and injured three in one move.” The black-clad intruder respectfully kneeled in front of the old man as he replied swiftly.

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