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DOP Chapter 179 – Attacked on All Sides (6)

Chapter 179 – Attacked on All Sides (6)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Brian
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yun Zhao froze. Come out? What did she mean come out? He didn’t feel any…

Before his thoughts were even done, he spotted a movement out of the corner of his eyes. Someone… there was someone there.

Quickly moving his eyes, Yun Zhao looked towards Liu Yue whose face was filled with killing intent. Astonishment coloured his face. Even he hadn’t felt anyone’s presence, so how could this Liu Yue, who didn’t have an ounce of Inner Strength in her body realise another person’s presence faster than he did?

Not waiting for Yun Zhao to finish his thought, the black-clad figure obscured by the dark slowly came out from his hiding place.

This single person, fully clothed in black, appeared with his body not emitting even the slightest bit of presence. It was as if he had completely been blended into the darkness. His stealth skills were of an expert’s level.

“My master wanted to meet you,” spoke the black-clad intruder, who had only a pair of eyes revealed to the open, gazing coldly at Liu Yue.

As he finished his words, a dozen or so black-clad intruders, who were hidden in a few corners, revealed themselves. They didn’t try to hide their presence anymore, as a wave of killing intent surged through them.

Liu Yue didn’t even take a glance at the surrounding intruders. Her eyes narrowed as she threatened in a menacing voice, “I’m not going.”

Her voice was resolute and determined, even colder than the tone that the black-clad intruder had used.

Hearing this, a burst of furious killing intent flashed on the black-clad intruder’s eyes, “Then please excuse our rude behaviour.”

As his words ended, every single black-clad intruders surrounding the courtyard immediately charged towards Liu Yue, brandishing their swords.

“Rude? I’d like to see how rude you can be.” At this moment, Liu Yue was actually in a bad mood from missing Xuan Yuan Che. She hadn’t had an outlet to extinguish the fire in her heart, but these guys had came just at the right time.

As her words ended, fingers spreading out like a tiger’s claw, she grabbed the zither laying on top of the stone table and held it in her arms in one swift moment. Her five delicate fingers grazed the zither, and crystal clear tones resounded continuously, sending noiseless wind blades to the enemy.

“Bam bam bam…” A heavy sound of collision immediately rung out.

Seven intruders was struck by the Wind Blades at the same time.

A breeze doesn’t have a fixed direction as it passed through; it was even more so for Liu Yue’s Wind Blades.

As long as Liu Yue’s fingers pointed to the right direction, the Wind Blade would go towards that direction.

Wind Blades was the best martial art skill to fight against a crowd.

The killing aura within the Inn started to become more intense.

The sound of zither and weapons clashed in the air, reverberating through the night.

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  1. Varler says:

    I love how they’re always like, “Forgive me for being rude.” And then try to kill them. If being rude means attempting murder, I’ve never been rude in my life!

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