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DOP Chapter 178 – Attacked on All Sides (5)

Chapter 178 – Attacked on All Sides (5)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Brian
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

He couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath. Then, he shook his head and replied meekly, “Of course not.”

Hearing this, Liu Yue smiled, her mood did not change much.

Seeing that, Yun Zhao leaned on the table and looked at Liu Yue, with his handsome beauty that was peppered with a cold expression. After staring at her for quite a while, he mumbled, “I have never seen you laugh out loud without restraint. With your good looks, if you really smiled, I even don’t know…” He immediately shut his mouth at this point, for Liu Yue was giving him a deathly glare.

Laughing without restraint… She had laughed without restraint before, when Xuan Yuan Che was still by her side. She would naturally have been happy if Che was by her side. And when Che was not by her side, she wouldn’t feel any amusement in everything else. There was nothing that could change her expression.

It wasn’t because she was unfeeling. Rather it was just because that person was not by her side.

Playing with the teacup in her hands, Liu Yue looked far upon into the horizon.

Che, when was he coming back, she missed him so much.

She clasped the teacup hard in her hands. If he still doesn’t come back after she settled Hou Jin Kingdom, she would search through every single island on the Eastern Seas to find him back.

She didn’t want to wait like this anymore, she felt that she could die from anxiety.

Her Che, her Che.

Bastard, it was all because of these bastards from Hou Jin Kingdom. If it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t have had to be separated from Xuan Yuan Che for so many years, while only hearing news of him once a while.

She didn’t even know if he lived or died.

Liu Yue suddenly gripped the teacup in her hands tightly.

“Peng.” the teacup in her hands shattered into pieces from the sudden pressure. Drops of tea started flowing down Liu Yue’s hands, staining those moon-white clothes, a faint colour of yellow.

Watching this, Yun Zhao froze. There was a flash of fury in Liu Yue’s eyes just now, and although it went away in a blink of an eye, he had seen it clearly.

Fury. What was Liu Yue so furious about?

Although his mind was questioning this, his hands immediately reached out to hold hers. Raising his eyebrows, Yun Zhao said, “What are you doing, did the teacup make a mistake and irritate you?”

With a swing of her arms, Liu Yue brushed away the shattered pieces of teacup. She then stood up expressionlessly, a sharp gaze flashed in her eyes as she glared into the dark, night sky.

“Come out,” With a cold voice, Liu Yue was suddenly filled with killing intent.

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