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DOP Chapter 175 – Attacked on All Sides (2)

Chapter 175 – Attacked on All Sides (2)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

With a cold gaze, Liu Yue humphed arrogantly. She then jerked her fingers back and the silver zither string immediately bounced back to her hands, shooting off from Liang Cheng’s forehead. The string fell on top her zither and trembled continuously.

Threads of blood vibrated on the zither made of redwood, permeating it with the scent and colour of blood.

The whole arena was engulfed in a deathly silence. It was in this silence that Liang Cheng’s body slowly collapsed to the ground.

Her white robe flowing with the wind, Liu Yue looked beautiful and magnificent in this moment, although she still looked cold and unfeeling.

“Nice!” An excited voice shouted out, breaking the silence. Yun Zhao charged to the front, his expression full of joy as he continuously cheered.

The feeling he gave off was like he was the one who had won instead.

Liu Yue held the zither in her chest, and eyed the corpse on the ground coldly. Then she gave a clear and distinct snort.

What arrogance!

As soon as she finished, Liu Yue raised her head and looked to a corner of the crowd. There wasn’t anyone. The gaze that she felt just now, the gaze that had followed her movements relentlessly, had disappeared from her sight.

That gaze had felt so familiar. It was equally sharp as cold, just like… could it be…

Liu Yue’s eyebrows twitched as she took back her searching gaze from the crowd of people.

“That’s really beautiful, brother.” Yun Zhao stood right below the arena, snapping the fan in his hands on his other palm until it was red. His face was filled with excitement and pride.

Only then did the silent crowd surrounding them seemed to find their lost voices back. They immediately gave a thunderous, continuous cheer, almost as if they were trying to shout to the heavens.

Liu Yue swept an indifferent glance across Yun Zhao and the people behind him, taking in every single one of the audiences without exception.

Their eyes were filled with astonishment and a little bit of greed, as they looked closely at the zither on her hands.

Seeing this, Liu Yue couldn’t help but gave a cold smile. Suddenly, she raised her hands and smashed her zither on the ground with a loud bang. The redwood zither immediately split into 4 to 5 broken pieces.

The surrounding crowd was immediately shocked speechless, and they looked at Liu Yue with astonishment.

However, Liu Yue didn’t speak any words. Instead, she turned around and leap off the arena, her white robe fluttering with the wind.

“Brother Liu, what are you doing? Why did you throw a tantrum? Such a good zither, isn’t it a waste to break it?” In the midst of his shock, Yun Zhao lept up to the arena and picked up the broken pieces of zither, his face filled with disagreement.

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