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DOP Chapter 174 – Attacked on All Sides (1)

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Chapter 174 – Attacked on All Sides (1)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

This Liu Yue had looked powerful without compare, but it turned out that he only amount to that much.

With his zither broken, no matter how sharp his wind blade was, he wouldn’t be able to unleash his attack. As it turned out, it was actually that simple to break Liu Yue’s attack.

Some of the audience seated in the VIP seats had already turned away from Liu Yue. Even if he looked handsome, if he couldn’t win the fight, then it was useless to continue watching him.

When Liang Cheng saw that Liu Yue’s zither had broken, an ice-cold glint burst forth from his eyes as he swung down his sword towards Liu Yue, his sharp blade splitting the air.

Without wind blade, Liu Yue, who didn’t have an ounce of Inner Strength on her body, was practically a sitting duck.

And at a distance not far from there, Yun Zhao’s expression had suddenly changed as he immediately stood up and stretched out his fan, looking like he was about to charge out from his seat.

It was right at this moment, fast as a blink of an eye.

Liu Yue, who had not changed her expression since the start of the match, suddenly gave a cold smile. Her fingers hooked on the strings of the broken zither, while her body dodged Liang Cheng’s sword with a demon-like speed. Then, she charged forward, striking the zither in her hands.

The sun shone brightly, splashing its rays across the whole earth.

The light illuminated everything on the ground, clearly exposing every single detail.

However, at this moment, nobody could see Liu Yue’s movements. Nobody could see how Liu Yue managed to suddenly stand right behind Liang Cheng.

Those movement had transcended the realm of quick, it was more like magic.

It was as if a slow motion movie suddenly changed to a fast motion movie. Nobody could see clearly on that moment between the exchange, they only knew that it had suddenly turned that way.

On the arena, Liu Yue stood right behind Liang Cheng, with her zither on her left hand. Her right hand was hovering on her red lush lips, as a silver coloured thread blossomed on her fingers. It was extremely thin yet bright; it was a string from the broken zither.

Liang Cheng stood with his back towards Liu Yue, but his expressions did not change. There wasn’t even fear and astonishment, and his sword was still raised on his hands. However, he seemed to have lost his gaze.

Standing ramrod straight, trace of blood suddenly oozed out from his body. Crimson red blood flowed down from his forehead, staining his blue coloured clothes.

A strand of thin, silver coloured zither string lie across his forehead, deeply embedded into his flesh.

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